5 symbols for anchoring

What is spiritual anchoring?

Spiritual grounding is a method of meditation and personal development that aims to allow the individual to connect with his or her inner self

Anchoring is about living in the moment and getting closer to the divine essence within you.

It is an individual's ability to center and stay grounded in the present.

Stability, calmness and love allow you to become strong in life, to not hide from what is acceptable and to not accept what is not acceptable.

In life, you need to be set on something stable that nothing can shake

Whenever there is an upheaval in your life, refocus around core values. Stabilize yourself and bring stability into all floors of your being

When the calm is established, observe what happens: Is it a storm? A tidal wave? Or simply a boat passing by? Or is it just waves? Depending on what you see and understand, you must know how to position yourself and protect yourself. This wisdom will allow you to understand the influences around you and to navigate the ocean of life.

Today the world is falling apart. Everything is moving, constantly questioned. If you remain in an attitude of passivity, of unconsciousness and if you take refuge in what is not stable, you will not be able to create anything permanent, and you will go with the wind often against your own will

This is why anchoring is so important

Certain tools, such as sacred geometry symbols, can help you in this process of reconnection.

Sacred Geometry symbols for anchoring

1) The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is a universal, timeless spiritual symbol. It is a symbol so close to us that I have dedicated several blog posts to it.

Unfortunately, we see the same discourse on this symbol everywhere and nobody really gets into the true symbolism of the Tree and what it teaches us.

I love this symbol. I love trees. I love looking at them, contemplating them.

The Tree is you and it shows you how you should be in your roots, in your trunk and in your branches. His esoteric teaching is sometimes confusing. The 3 main laws he teaches us show us aspects that we don't necessarily expect.

The Tree teaches us to be deeply anchored in our roots.

The roots of the tree show us that man must be active in his will, he must be open, wide, deep and seek to stabilize himself in all directions, in everything that presents itself to him.

The willing man must be fearless because he knows what he wants and that is his protection. There is no other. He who lives only for the physical body is lost, but he who knows the secret of the trunk and of the branches which stand in other spheres of existence, he has found the secret of the powerful and true roots.

It can be active in all areas of existence to take root and draw energy that it will bring back to the trunk.

This is a symbol on which you can meditate, concentrate, in order to make it live from you and act consciously to develop your stability and your anchoring.

2) The Pentagram

The Pentagram, a 5-pointed star, is a very old esoteric symbol.

The great symbol of man is the pentagram, which is at the same time the seal of magic. It is a very powerful seal, because it is man who is the creator on earth.

The pentagram is a talisman, a force to be mastered and directed in the right direction. If the pentagram is turned downwards, it is the destroyer, the counterfeiter. If it is turned upwards, it is the awakened being, in honesty and discipline, it is the being who works on himself, who reflects and meditates to discover who he is.

We often speak of magic as something supernatural, something outside of ourselves. However, magic is the soul that acts. It is in each of us as long as we decide to activate it and bring it to life in our lives.

Magic is the science of mastering influences, the art of mobilizing intelligences and forces. Man has the power to activate magic, but he can also be activated by it. Magic is universal; it allows and directs birth in all worlds.

The Pentagram is a very powerful symbol of protection  and anchoring. It symbolizes the universe based on the four elements (fire, air, water, earth), and the fifth, spirit.

Like Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian Man, it is the man who is stable in the circle of life. It is the man who takes his life in hand.

To learn more about the Pentagram, I invite you to read "The Power of the Pentagram".

This symbol of the pentagram has been meditated by many beings; it is even found on company logos: it represents the creative power of man. It is the sign of the will, of the capacity to want and to become conscious.

The pentagram is a very special symbol. If you identify with it and try to make it come alive by perceiving that there is a unity through these 5 branches, through these feet, hands and head, you can perceive the currents and forces that animate it. You can see that man is a being of will, but also of awareness of this ability to make choices. But does your choice really come from you? And if not, who chooses for you?

3) Mandalas for anchoring

Three vibratory Mandalas are particularly suitable for anchoring: the Mandala of Stability, the Mandala of the Mother and the Mandala of the Earth which is part of the 4 elements.

Without the presence of the ground under our feet, what would happen?

We walk every day without perhaps realizing that the earth carries us; it offers stability through the solidity of the soil, unlike water, which we cross with all our weight.

But the earth does not only have the particularity of being solid. If we look around us, it carries seeds and gives birth to them; it has the capacity to take, to carry, to nourish and then, to allow an elevation: we only have to observe the plants that surround us

A tree, a flower finds the ability to rise from the force that emanates from the ground. The earth nourishes them and offers them stability by carrying their roots within it and nourishes them so that the sap rises to the heights.

It is the same for us: the earth carries us. It is enough for us to simply rest on it with attention and consciousness to understand why all traditions speak of the earth as a Mother.

How to be well anchored?

Anchoring meditation

One of the fundamental bases for centering and grounding is meditation.

Try to stop from time to time during the day and consciously refocus on your sacred center: get out of the hustle and bustle of the outside world and enter into the great calm. Such an exercise, practiced for even one minute a day, can completely recharge your batteries.

You can accompany this practice with a visualization on your Harmonizing Disc of Stability or your Earth Mandala.

Today, everything is noise, everything is set up to catch men and women and prevent them from entering the center. Most humans are frightened when they approach the center because they realize that there is nothing in their lives, that there is nothing (this is not a value judgment).

There is always that which brings you to the center and balances you and that which takes you off center and unbalances you. If you are unbalanced, you are weak. If you are weak, you will be looking for balance all the time, which will be a colossal expenditure of energy

Meditation is the only center that allows you to touch the deep. It is the only force that regenerates us

Meditation invites us to awaken, to go to the center and to rebuild the path of true and beautiful life.

Offer the negative to the earth

The earth loves to be offered all the negative, because it can transform it in the depths

This is a basic exercise to become aware of the energy of the earth, but also of its importance in depositing everything that surrounds us and lives at our expense.

When we sit on the ground and offer our consciousness and loving attention to the earth, a particular state of mind develops in us: simplicity, purity, awakening in the essential. This attitude must become a basic state, a foundation for your work.

Sit on the ground with love.

Become aware that the earth carries you and with confidence, place the weight of your body on it. In your body, everything becomes light and you feel again the energy flowing freely in it.

Through your trust in the earth, all your tensions and physical blockages leave you, unravel.

This is a basic technique of great purification.

Accept the power of simplicity when the heart participates.

After the weight of your body, consciously put all your worries, all your problems, your dark thoughts, your disturbing feelings, your lower desires... on the ground.

Imagine a soft light flowing in the sphere of your head, hands and feet. It fills the whole body, and all illnesses, all darkness and fears leave your feet and enter the earth to be transformed.

Remain in a state of calm, harmony, clarity.


"Clarity in the head.
Harmony in the feelings and hands
Serene calm in the belly and feet."

Before undertaking anything in life, you must go inward, breathe deeply through the belly and consciously think of the serene calm that lives within you. This calmness must become the stable and unshakeable fulcrum of the inner temple you want to build.

You can do this by concentrating in the center of the belly, controlling your breathing and your thinking. By concentrating and breathing through the belly, the thought clears itself.

In the stillness, your inner earth is soothed. Your earth can open up and accept to be transformed, to be fertilized by heaven, and heaven can come down and accept to embody itself in a form to ennoble it.

The foundation for the emergence of stillness lies in placing the weight of your body on the ground with confidence and surrendering to the earth as a loving mother.

Then, you have to get into the right position, with your back straight, your body relaxed and learn not to move.

The breath must be regular and allow for an increase in clear and free consciousness. The more you enter into serene calm, the more you will see the clear, still and silent consciousness increase within you.

Learning to be still is to become still; it is to cultivate a state of stillness outwardly, but also, and more importantly, inwardly; the inner state is made powerful by the outer state.

To go further on the subject, you can also work with the 4 elements. By balancing the 4 elements within you, you will naturally strengthen the stability in yourself and in your life. This is a great protection and blessing in life.

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