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Is magic really real? Not all magic enthusiasts have the same answer to this question. But whether you believe it or not, the power of talismans is real and you've probably already benefited from them. Find out more about talismans.

Talismans, objects charged with magical beliefs and powers, have always been, and still are today, objects of worship appreciated by believers of all religions and cultures.

What is the origin of the word talisman?

The word talisman comes partly from Arabic ṭílasm (from ancient Greek Telesma, complete), and partly directly from Byzantine Greek (talisman, religious rite).

Talisman: definition

For some people talismans are good luck charms, for others they are objects that bring luck and protection. Still others see them as meaningless trinkets.

Talismans are small amulets that are supposed to protect the wearer from happiness, luck or money. There are many talismans and they all have different powers.

A talisman is a representation of an animal, a human being, an object or a symbol, often in the form of a small box, jewel or pendant, which is supposed to have magical virtues.

The Larousse dictionary gives us the following definition:

"An object, image, ritually prepared to confer a magical or protective action. That which is believed to be endowed with magical power, which is supposed to bring good fortune."

What is a talisman in Islam?

While symbols are often given protective or lucky qualities, in Islam, for example, it is the Qur'an that has a talismanic use.

What does this mean exactly?

Among Muslim populations, recourse is often made to the effective action lent to the Koran. In addition, Qur'anic testimonies and traditions about the Prophet support the idea of special powers inherent in certain Qur'anic passages. A scholarly literature has taken up the subject and has developed treatises on talismanic magic, in which the Qur'anic text constitutes a privileged material. The important thing is that the Qur'an is not used in its raw state, but is subjected to a process of transformation that acts on its form and meaning, according to procedures commonly used in magical techniques.

I'm talking about the Quran here, but the same is true with some Bibles and sacred scriptures. The simple fact of possessing them participates in the blessing and protection of the house and its inhabitants. In them vibrates the universal intelligence, the highest wisdom. And so they are a powerful living force in a world where everything is denaturing and dying out.

What is the difference between amulet and talisman?

Amulets should not be confused with talismans. The former aim to protect oneself while the latter can have additional functions (obtaining offensive magical powers ).

An amulet is an object that is worn on one's person and to which one grants protective virtues or which brings luck. The amulets vary enormously according to the place, the time or the religion.

An amulet can be a stone, a coin, a design, a pendant, a plant, an animal, a gesture, etc. Each sign of the zodiac has an associated gem that serves as an amulet, but this depends on the customs.

A well-known amulet, for example, is the horseshoe that is placed outside the front door as a sign of protection. Another well-known amulet is the rabbit's foot or the hare's foot.

Religious symbols often play the role, whether it be the image of a god or a symbol representing divinity (such as the Christian cross or theeye of Horus in ancient Egypt). Even words can be used in some cases, such as "vade retro, Satanas" (Latin for "go away, Satan") to chase away evil or bad luck.

In Asia, in India and Thailand, fragments of pink coral are still used to protect against the evil eye, Buddhist monks also make protective amulets to which they attribute magical powers, each amulet would have its own power (luck, fortune, healing, protection, etc.). Despite the passages in the Torah that condemn divination and magic, amulets are also present in Judaism. Jewish symbols such as theStar of David, the menorah, the Chamsa hand and the lettering Chai ("alive!" in Hebrew) and Shaddai (God's name) can be found.

Over time, it has become common to make amulets in the form of animals, magical symbols or statuettes of gods or goddesses. All over the world one finds images of horns, hands (which symbolize fertility and life), as well as drawn or sculpted eyes (which suggest eternal vigilance). Sometimes magic formulas, spells and names of deities are also engraved.

Amulets in Egypt

Although they are popular around the world, amulets are often associated with the ancient Egyptians, who wore them on all occasions, even in their graves.

It was common to bury a mummy with dozens ofbeetle-shaped amulets. These small stone figurines were to prevent the soul of the deceased from being devoured by Ammut. It seems that the more important the deceased had been during his lifetime, the more scarab amulets he took with him to his grave. When the body of Pharaoh Tutankhamun was discovered in November 1922, more than 140 scarabs were tucked into the bandages that wrapped him.

But the living also knew how to surround themselves: the amulets called ânkh (a hieroglyph symbolizing life) and oudjat (or eye of Horus) protected from death, disease and the evil eye.

Talisman or amulet in witchcraft

Amulets are also related to demonology and witchcraft, which consider that a cross or a inverted pentagram facilitates communication with demons. Obviously, it is not recommended.

Magic talisman : everyday object

Talismans (objects said to be magical, because of their beneficial or negative influence) are much more widespread and common than we think, even in our western civilization.

A simple family object or the photo of a loved one carries a radiation, an aura, which acts with more or less strength, depending on the importance and the support given to the person or the collective entity that stands behind the object.

On the other hand, the power but also the nature of the influences generated by a talisman, vary according to the symbols which constitute it and the message which they contain.

Let's take a very concrete example: the French flag. Behind this flag you have the collective entity of the French people, which includes its moral, ethical or religious values, and which are its own. The colors of the French flag, the symbols that it manifests, all of this carries a message, a magical collective force (that is to say, it has an influence on individuals and the community) that acts more or less on each member of the French people.

More concretely, we are talking about an egregore.

Egregore : definition

Each egregore is formed and woven, more or less consciously, by all thoughts, words and desires of the same nature. These then amalgamate by affinity and grow until they appear through human acts and organizations.

But time being diluted in the auric world, the consequences of the thoughts and words emitted can occur only months or even years or even centuries later. This depends on the number of people who think in the same way and on the frequency and intensity of the thoughts and words.

This is exactly what happens with the Flower of Life symbol, on which a large number of people focus. It reinforces the power of the symbol. And today exactly the same thing is happening with the Metatron Cube. You will see that in the near future everyone will be looking for this symbol.

And to go further, our governments intentionally create egregores by inciting the people to concentrate on certain current topics. By focusing on them all day long, people will create an egregore and then they will live in it without being able to get out of it if they are not sufficiently awake. Just look at what is happening now. What have you been focusing on for the last 2 years...? Is it wisdom, awakening and happiness... or is it fear?

Talismans and Amulets for Protection

In the universe, everything is vibration, everything is filled with life, everything radiates a field of influences that acts on your body, your being, your life and your destiny. To know how to surround yourself with good vibrations is to know how to consciously choose the worlds with which you wish to associate in order to accomplish your mission and your destiny on earth. To know how to surround yourself with good vibrations is to preserve balance, harmony and happiness within you and around you.

As everything is alive, you must be able to choose what acts positively on you, elevates you and protects you, leads you where you really want to go. Everything that surrounds you acts: symbols, colors, shapes, thoughts, nature, beings, objects... You must therefore know how to surround yourself with the vibrations that nourish your highest aspirations.

The outside world is constantly calling on us and it is easy to get lost in the many suggestions that surround us, to let certain negative vibrations fertilize us.

It is clear that in this day and age, we are constantly being bombarded with negative and toxic information.

The people around you can also be a source of stress and anxiety.

If you are a sensitive person or are experiencing too much negative energy, you can go with stones like labradorite, tiger's eye and black tourmaline. But you can also slip into your handbag a harmonizing disc with the Pentacle or a Mandala of Protection.

I have written an entire article on symbols of protection. I'll go through 5 of them but we could also talk about the Metatron Cube as a symbol of Protection.

Where to find a protection amulet?

In our store you will find protection symbols printed on different materials.

Click "protection" in your search bar and a list of our creations will appear.

Which talisman to choose ?

By the symbols, the colors you surround yourself with, the writings you place in your house, by your choices, the place you give to nature in your life, by the way you meditate, pray, move, feed yourself, etc., you are constantly surrounding yourself with living worlds, energies and subtle vibrations that create your future.

Sometimes we don't know how to orient ourselves and which symbol to choose. That's why I want to accompany you in this process through the articles I write. And so I have written an article that suggests 3 ways to choose your symbol. I recommend the first and second methods.

If you are looking for a talisman of protection, then all the symbols of protection are for you: Pentacle, Cube of Metatron, Mandalas of Protection.

But if you are looking for good luck charms, I personally invite you to turn to vibrational mandalas. They have been created for our present time to accompany and help us.

The Vibrational mandalas were created to raise us to the purest vibrations, to radiate luminous energies all around us. They are bridges between worlds and that is why they generate balance in life.

They allow you to focus on positive thoughts. They are designed to structure and harmonize the inner life. Each mandala vibrates at its own frequency and gives off specific energies such as balance, harmony, opening of the heart, joy, energy, healing, creativity, peace..

And so if you are looking for a talisman for good luck, the Mandala of Happiness is for you.

If you are looking for a love talisman, the Love Mandala is for you.

If you are looking for a talisman for luck and prosperity, each has its own Mandala as well.

And so on.

Where to place your talisman?

You can carry it with you as a key ring or as a harmonizing disc. But you can also wear it on you as a jewel.

And if you want your sacred geometry symbol to shine more powerfully, I invite you to choose a painting (canvas printed by us and mounted on a stretcher) and place it in your home or work space. The larger the symbols are printed, the more they radiate.

The word of conclusion

Talisman and amulet are often used with the same connotation. One often hears about protection talisman although protection is more a characteristic of the amulet.

It is fundamental today to know how to protect yourself from negative influences and to create within yourself and all around you a luminous, harmonious field of life, a protection.

The world of tomorrow will be the one you have created today through your thoughts, your gestures and the vibrations that you will have been able to nourish and radiate around you.

Know how to accompany yourself with luminous objects filled with soul.

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