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Tree of Life symbol: its true message

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I think it is important to bring you a different perspective on symbols. The symbols of sacred geometry are not just simple geometric patterns. They can be beautiful, harmonious, give off magnificent vibrations but above all, they are a connection with yourself.

And this is something I really want to develop in our articles, since nobody talks about symbols like we do. More and more of you are giving us this feedback and it warms our hearts.

It shows that you have perceived the wisdom and light behind each of the objects we develop and print. And that is our greatest reward.

If you've been following us for a while, outside of the vibrational Mandalas, there is one symbol that particularly speaks to me. But I think it speaks to each of us because it is so close to us!

Although I have already touched on this subject in other articles on the Tree of Life, I will go into it in greater depth here.

Nature holds many secrets, but in order to perceive them, one must settle down, enter into a state of calm, call upon a more subtle perception and look with the eyes of the heart.

You are a tree, we are trees

The world is wisdom, balance, harmony, and the truth is that the trees are us! We live in each other.

The feeling of existence that is in you is the same feeling of existence that is in the other and the same feeling of existence that is in the tree. It is the heart that will tell us.

The tree is incredible, it is life, it breathes, it lives, it is a prayer in movement. The tree is capable of creating magnificent things: fruits, colors, perfumes. The apple tree flower emanates an aura, a skin of light. If we enter the aura of an apple tree, we see all its perfume, its flowers, how it has managed to get out of the buds of this hardness. This speaks to us of subtlety, it speaks to us of awakening, it speaks to us of ourselves.

In truth, we are with the forest, we are trees. There are no differences, they are different degrees of elevation, but it is the same being that speaks through us and goes towards greatness, towards beauty, towards production.

We are born with the trees. We are the trees. And we are the stones and the mountains, and we are the rivers

The trees carry a message for us, the birds carry a message for us. The water speaks to us, the air speaks to us, the sun, the immaculate splendor of light, an absolute wonder, the great mysteries of universal light, omnipresent, everywhere illuminating, speak to us.

Look at the production in nature; the force that rises, you can feel it, especially in spring

Am I the trees? Yes, I am, but I don't know it

These are erroneous perceptions that have made us believe that we are separate, independent from each other and from the beings of nature that surround us. But in reality, we are interrelated and the way we look and act also affects ourselves and our entire environment.

From a symbolic and magical point of view, man is similar to a tree. Often, he ignores this similarity and is content to live in the roots of his being, totally ignoring his upper part.

Man does not even realize that living only in the roots (let's call it the purely material life), he is always bothered by rodents and constantly has to change his path, which ultimately makes him uncomfortable in life. He is unhappy because he has not seen that within himself there is a trunk, branches, leaves, flowers, fruits

On the earth, become as tall as a tree. The tree is majestic, strong, resistant; it welcomes all the phenomena of life. When a bird lands on its branches, sings in its leaves, eats its fruits, makes a nest, the tree is in an inner state of happiness

This is the opposite of what he experiences when he is only in the roots, where the least stranger disturbs him.

The tree invites you to look inside yourself and discover all the greatness and beauty that exists there. Don't just look at the roots, which is what we are all about, but also focus on the top of your being.

The tree shows you nobility, dignity, being what you are.

The tree is naturally itself in its dignity and majesty. It knows how to be in its place. Everything in nature is in its place and has its function in the great harmony. The tree teaches you to yourself, to your place.

The problem of our society is that from the moment we are born we are put in boxes

At school we fit into the mold, we are not taught to think for ourselves.


Pierre Rabbi explained it so well in a video that I loved (see my article " How to succeed in being yourself in a crazy world ").

"I see the itinerary of a human being in modernity. I see something rather prison-like. Because from the maternity to the university we are locked up; we call it the school, in France at least. Then everyone works in companies, big companies, small companies. Even to have fun, you go to a club now. And how do you get there? Well, in the car! And then there's the old man's box while waiting for the last box, which I'll let you guess. The liberating promise of modernity is a prison. It is confinement. And that's what we call "living". "

The Tree shows you the way to true life.

But when you've already lived a life that's been set up by others, it's extremely hard to let go of concepts and habits. It's a new education, another way of being and doing that we must try to cultivate.

And the icing on the cake is that in our society everything is set up so that we are separated from each other. Look at it. At the moment it's the vaccinated against the unvaccinated. It's so big that it works.

The more men and women are separated from each other, the weaker they are, and the easier it is to enslave them.

The ancient peoples lived together and that was their strength. In fact, people used to communicate with each other and with the trees. Today this is almost non-existent.

Buddha and the Bodhi Tree

The Bodhi tree is an important tree in Buddhism, for it was under this tree, ficus religiosa, which is found in Bodhgaya that the Buddha attained enlightenment, a state called bodhi.

This tree is highly venerated among Buddhists, and crowds of pilgrims come to see it and worship throughout the year.


The Tree of Life: a universal symbol

The Tree of Life is a universal symbol.

The tree shows us unity and dignity.

Where are these values today in our world?


If you want to know the tree of life, the outside only gives you an indication. In reality, the knowledge is inside you because the tree and you are one

It is by going back inside yourself, by cultivating your inner life that you will be stronger, more stable. And then you will no longer let yourself be blown back and forth depending on where the wind blows. You will stop being weak. You will stop feeling sad and powerless in the face of events.

You will regain control of your life.

The symbols of sacred geometry are a path to the center. You can work with them if you wish.

Connect with the Tree of Life

Go into nature, to a place where you feel good, choose a tree with which you feel an affinity and observe it.


Look at the tree intensely, then close your eyes. Then open your eyes, look at the tree, and close your eyes again

You can thus look at it, then close your eyes several times until you visualize it inside you. You then form an image within yourself

You may find that there are all your concepts on the tree that will come to you, but these concepts do not belong to you, they are worlds that you can observe. So you look at the tree and you say, "O dear tree, come inside me! I want to think you, I want to think you..."

You will take the posture of the tree, you will try to feel it, to imitate it, to understand its life. You must create a heartfelt bond, that you love it. The tree and you, you must be one.

Then you can begin to perceive the tree differently, to go inside it, to establish a different relationship, from soul to soul. If you practice this, little by little, you will be able to discover part of what it really is, what it will want to reveal to you.

The Tree of Life shows us righteousness, dignity, honor, respect, being right, being just, being true.

It opens the way to stability, to concentration.

Stability will allow you to be flexible and light like a tree. It can dance in its branches, bloom, welcome the birds, but the base remains stable and anchored. Like you in the face of the aggressions and difficulties of your daily life.

If you look around you, everything is done to distract us from our path

We are fed information, images, we are encouraged to give our opinion on everything and anything. But in the meantime, you are not doing what you are supposed to do. You are not doing anything to nourish your inner life, to nourish your soul.

Focusing on nothing is exhausting... well that's just my opinion! All the energy that you could focus on what is necessary you lose it. You give it to worlds that only want to steal it from you.

You just need to know what you want to do things for and maybe organize your life differently. I know it's easier said than done. But I've been there myself so I know exactly what I'm talking about!

Here we come to the end of this article which was like an essence of reflection and awakening.

Trees carry within them a powerful message of awakening, of wisdom, of protection.

Know how to listen to them and bring them to life in your daily life.


To connect to the Tree of Life in your daily life

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