The 3 laws of the Tree of Life

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In the continuity of my previous article on the topic, let's try today to deepen the 3 centers of the Tree of Life, which correspond in fact to the spiritual anatomy of man. And somehow this corresponds to the 3 laws that should govern our life.

The three centers that are alive in the tree in the form of the roots, the trunk and the branches, are found in many forms in man.

First of all in the physical body of man, these three centers are the will for the roots, the feelings for the trunk and the thought for the branches and foliage.

When we look at the body of man, we can discern all the roots through the nervous, hormonal, venous, etheric systems.

The trunk is the soul that connects heaven and earth.

The branches are the spirit, the common higher consciousness.

Have strong roots

The roots of the tree show us that man must be active in his will, he must be open, wide, deep and seek to stabilize himself in all directions, in all that presents itself to him

The voluntary man must be without fear because he knows what he wants and that is his protection. There is no other. He who lives only for the physical body is lost, but he who knows the secret of the trunk and of the branches that stand in other spheres of existence, he has found the secret of the powerful and true roots.

It can be active in all areas of existence to root itself and draw energy that it will bring up to the trunk.

Have a trunk, a hard bark

For the tree, the trunk is what unifies the top and the bottom, it is the place where the sap circulates. This trunk is often stable, powerful and upright.

It rests on the roots, which sink deep into the earth while dividing, spreading and expanding.

The trunk is like a braiding of all the roots, a unification towards a single goal. While in the roots everything seeks to capture energy and transform it, in the trunk everything is turned inward.

There is no opening to the outside.

This is a real key that the tree shows us and it is surprising because it goes against everything we often think about the sphere of the heart and feelings.

There is a lot of wisdom in this teaching of the tree, but what is really surprising is that the powerful trunk corresponds to the heart and soul of feeling. The Tree of Life shows us that the feelings of the man who walks the path of greatness must not be outwardly receptive, unstable, light, futile, but powerful and structured as the trunk of the tree can be.

It is not sentimentality that must be cultivated but rather the stability that unites heaven and earth.

The Tree-Man must be fully consecrated and oriented upward in what he receives and toward realization through his roots. But his heart must in no way be open to the outer world. Again, this is a real key that the Tree of Life gives us

This is the opposite of what is taught by modern spirituality and psychology, which seeks to divert the forces of the soul and fidelity to the higher world from high and living thoughts.

Feelings should not be an opening and receptivity towards others, but only an opening and fertilization towards the top, towards what comes from the branches, like a sacred wisdom, an angelic presence that harmonizes with the work of the roots.

The purpose of the roots is to nourish the branches and the purpose of the branches is to light the roots. The purpose of the trunk is to allow communication between the top and the bottom.

As long as you are not centered and focused on the essential, on you, you will lose energy, and worse, it will be stolen from you!

Have a high ideal of life in the branches

When we look at the tree again, we see that for him the branch is the sky. For man, too, thought is a marvelous gift that enables him to reach the spirit.

Thought must be alive, conscious, nourished by the roots of the earth and carried by the trunk of the heart. Then thought can unite and make the high virtues alive and active. Through its foliage we see that the tree seeks to expand as it does with its roots.

Even through the scent of the leaves it can carry, one feels that it seeks to penetrate the more and more subtle worlds of the spirit. It becomes creative in the spiritual worlds and even in the material worlds through the leaves that renew the humus.

Man must be able, like the tree, to welcome new thoughts without breaking his branches, his own conceptions, his structure.

It must be super malleable to welcome the slightest breath and to translate it into sweet music through its foliage and branches (a bit like the reed by the way, which bends but never breaks).

Sometimes it is a storm, or birds or any other element and its strength is that it must through all this keep its stability, its inner philosophy, its being, its eternal truth, while opening itself to the reality of other beings and higher realities.

He can carry these realities on his branches and become solid, stable. Each branch can be a trunk in itself to carry the light of the spirit in all its forms, its colors, its smells, its sounds.

Man and tree are one. The tree shows the way to the true man.

This teaching of the Tree of Life deserves to be meditated upon.

It also allows you to better decipher certain situations in your life, certain states of mind or difficulties that you can't get rid of.

If all the initiatory traditions of the peoples spoke about the tree and associated it with life and universal knowledge, it is the etheric body or life body of the man has the shape of a tree.

We are the Tree of Life not in our body but in what animates our body.

In life you must know what your roots are and what your branches are. You must preserve your inner tree because it is the organism of life within you.

By focusing on the Tree of Life within you and bringing it to life in all your activities, you bring order and allow the great cycle of evolution to work to transform and unify everything for the good.

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