How your vibratory rate affects your health

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Today I would like to come back to the topic of the vibratory rate and maybe deepen it at a time when health has become a source of stress and deep fears.

And it always makes me think of a spontaneous remark Arnaud made when someone told him or her that he or she was sick when he wanted to come up and say hello. He replied, "But I don't intend to be sick. I think this is a correct way of thinking because fear always leads to imbalance.

And we will see today that balance, at all levels, is essential to good health.

Maintaining a high vibratory rate

Perfect health consists in knowing how to maintain the different vibratory states in a beautiful and happy harmony.

What is the vibrational rate?

The vibratory rate or vibration is a way of describing your general energetic state. Like an instrument or any other object, our body vibrates at a certain frequency. And it is important to know that your well-being will also depend on the vibratory rate of all the elements that surround you (a bit like a law of affinity).

If, when encountering difficulties in your life, you lower your immune defenses, you open the doors of your being without discernment and let all the influences penetrate you, then it is certain that several levels of vibratory states will coexist without necessarily vibrating in unison.

For example, one moment you are in joy and the next you are in sadness. You can even experience the two vibratory states at the same time, but in different regions of your being.

If one day you are in serenity and the next day in anger, or with the eye of empathy and the next day with the eye of evil, you weaken your vibratory rate. This requires a learning process of self-control, which is not obvious every day

Learn to remain in the permanence and control of the breath of your being. There is a science and a permanent state of being in your breath that allows you to regulate and harmonize all the vibrations on your base note

Imagine that you are a musical instrument. You have to look at what notes you emit. Are they harmonious or disharmonious? And above all, are the notes of your score going to be equal?

Your primordial note must set the tone for the totality of the vibrations that will emanate from you and also for all those that will approach you to unite. It must be a harmony, a melody, a rapture.

If you are not in vibration awareness, in natural control, in the right rhythm, melody, beautiful harmony, it shows that you are not in perfect health.

How can you be healthy if you are disturbed, derailed by states of being, influences, events that you do not control and that you are not able to assimilate and bring into tone and rhythm?

If it is impermanence that governs, then the body and all the organs of the being are solicited in disharmony, in the imbalance of contrary reactions. The mind, the heart, the will are saturated with vibrations that oppose calm, serenity, openness and clarity.

Knowing the world of vibrations is important and we must train ourselves to maintain our vibratory state in great harmony.

I know we go looking for justifications, for causes of illness outside. It really takes work and a willingness to go back to the inside of ourselves. And it's also easier to say that it's the other person's fault... it's reassuring in a way.

But if you are attracted to the symbols of sacred geometry, which are centered symbols (and therefore bring you back to your own center), it is not a coincidence either!

Going back to our score story, every day practice playing the same melody and staying with it no matter what. There may be slight nuances, and you need to be aware of them, but you must not get out of the basic melody and overall harmony.

So, if you play the tune of serenity, you must learn to remain serene in all situations while controlling the vibrations that enter and leave through the breathing atmosphere. To do this you can focus on the harmonizing disc or the Serenity Mandala canvas for example, or another symbol that inspires this virtue.

Through this musical discipline, you will awaken the balance within you that will allow you to remain stable in the midst of the tumult of reactivities, acts, disharmonious associations that cannot be sealed in unconsciousness, in madness, in the contamination of disease.
Do not make decisions without being in agreement with yourself and with the great harmony of the cosmos.

This is not easy in this day and age when everything is done to unbalance you and lead you to nothingness. My best advice is to turn off the television and stop watching or reading the news. All this intoxicates your thoughts, your feelings, your balance!

Understand that if you let this toxicity live in you, it becomes difficult to maintain a high vibratory rate. What will live in you is what you will put your eyes on, put in your ears.

Balance is the key

It is good that you know how to balance the worlds within you and around you so that there is no reactivity in the senses, thoughts, words, actions, gestures, decisions.

Wisdom is omnipresent and loves balance and the life that always restores and maintains balance.

Balance is the foundation of life, for it always restores order and moves forward.

The step moves forward and immediately there is an imbalance, but the step settles and the balance is restored. In the same way, the word brings about an imbalance, but silence remains omnipresent. All this is simple, because it is balance that governs the world of happiness and one must always return to it and awaken in it.

Afterwards, there are many vibrations, because everything, absolutely everything in life is vibration, wavelength.

Man receives vibrations, but he also emits them.

There are low vibrations that lead to a total loss of control and balance. Man receives an impression, a look, a thought, a word and immediately reacts negatively, in total imbalance, enters the sphere of discontent and then of anger to finally break everything. It is then similar to a virus that enters the body and wants to destroy everything and lead it to anarchy, to imbalance without balance. Its objective is to break everything.

This is why your ancestors treated with plants, fumigations, sounds, magnetism, etc., because they were trying to restore the vibratory balance.

If man is not able to master the vibrations of life, then he cannot live and eventually he will lose his health.

Health is a constant and harmonious vibratory level.

The mastery of this vibratory level is the first condition of health. If harmony reigns, if the body is well protected, then it can function in a permanent way without wearing out, without stress, in passivity.

Mastery is this permanence, this balance and this constancy.

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