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The Pentagram, the 5-pointed star, is a very ancient esoteric symbol. The Pentacle is a pentagram that is inscribed in a circle.

In collective thought, it can be associated with magic (white or black) but in fact this symbol, like all other symbols, has been used since the dawn of time.

Pentacle of protection

The Pentagram has always been a symbol of protection. This is what is called in the Kabbalah the sign of the microcosm, as opposed to the Seal of Solomon which represents the unity of the macrocosm.

Protection is like a charm. It’s magic. It is an invisible seal that is worn over the head and that certain entities or hierarchies see clearly. This seal can be obtained in 2 different ways: it is possible to benefit from it by heredity, thanks to the work of our ancestors, or to acquire it by our own work, by awakening our consciousness.

You can also use the Pentacle symbol to protect your home, for example by sticking with fixed paste a Pentacle harmonising disk at the entrance of your home.

Pentagram and Inverted Pentagram

The Pentagram is the symbol of the Wicca religion (American wizarding movement) and the symbol of magic in general. The Pentagram is most often represented with the point up (and we strongly recommend that you use it that way). It then symbolizes the spirit above the four elements of matter and above the human body.

The Pentagram is also depicted with the point down, and it was seen as a feminine symbol expressing the fertilization of the dense matter world by the spirit through the womb.

But it was associated with a satanic or diabolical symbol by the Patriarchal Middle Ages Church which fought against the shamanic influences of healers and village witches.

The inverted pentagram does not always express a diabolical idea but a desire for manifestation, for fulfillment. However, we caution you against using the inverted Pentagram, because in collective thought it is associated with some form of dark or black magic. And so, even if that is not your intention, the association will be through resonance.

How to use the Pentagram or the Pentacle?

There are different ways of using the pentagram.

• Either on the ground for work on a place (or a person),
• Or hung on the wall to emit its energy in your home or workplace.
• Either in your daily life to energise your water, or cleanse and recharge your stones

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