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A brief look at history shows us that many peoples had a strong sense of protection as a guiding principle. Whether it was to protect the group, the family, the spirits of nature, the sense of the sacred, the peoples closest to the earth acted in the great intelligence of nature to preserve balance, harmony and protect the divine, in the visible as well as in the invisible.

Whether it was respecting natural cycles, developing an art of living with the rhythm of the seasons, practicing rituals, songs, ceremonies, lighting and protecting the fire, the hearth, having a strong sense of community, sharing and mutual support, their actions showed an innate and profound sense of protection.

In ancient Egypt, before our history books, everything was thought out to protect Pharaoh and his alliance with God as well as to preserve civilization from the invasion of the dark, to maintain a living link with the superior worlds. The great mysteries were protected from unwanted eyes and preserved in the greatest secrecy. In temples accessible only to high initiates, great initiations were necessary before gaining access to the mysteries. The doors were kept secret.

Throughout history, and across several civilizations, there has been this desire to protect God, the sacred, the divine, the mystery, the wisdom, whether through temples, animal-totems, pyramids, hieroglyphs, symbols, statues, representations, subtle invisible writings, memories transmitted in standing stones... On all the continents are found memories of an ancient wisdom that wants to perpetuate itself to preserve the consciousness of the divine origin of humanity.

Many peoples turned to the sun to worship it, others to the animals, some were peoples of the water, others of the earth. Many have captured the mysteries of the spirit, but the common thread that has connected humanity to the divine is this awareness of the universal, this aspiration to honor the divinity at the source of life and to protect that which is greater.

There was a time when the talismansthere was a time when symbols, certain words, were powerful protections because the wise knew how to vivify them by uniting heaven and earth. They knew how to consecrate and activate them by placing within them scriptures, magical and spiritual forces capable of acting even on the physical plane.

But today, wisdom no longer governs humanity and some symbols have lost their value. So, make your own opinion and your own experience about the symbols you use.

I propose to you to go to the discovery of 5 symbols of protection.

5 spiritual symbols: symbol of protection

1- The eye of Horus or the eye of Udjat: symbol against the evil eye

According to the myth, Horus, son of Isis and Osiris, would have lost an eye in the fight against his uncle Set to avenge the murder of his father. During the fight, Set tore out his left eye, cut it (in six pieces, according to a version of the legend) and threw the pieces into the Nile. Using a net, Thoth fished out all but one of the pieces. He miraculously replaced the missing sixth fragment to allow the eye to function again, thus restoring Horus' physical integrity

The translation of the hieroglyph irt is "eye" and oudjat is a verb meaning "to preserve" or " protection ". Irt oudjat, or more commonly oudjat, therefore means "preserved eye".

It is for this reason that this eye is considered a very powerful symbol of protection. It would have a magical function for most people in the Middle East.

It was represented on the sarcophagi of embalmed people and on the pectoral decorations of breastplates for protection in battle.

In the past the eye of the Udjat was also painted on the prows of ships, allowing them to see and keep their course. These eyes can still be found painted on many fishing boats in Egypt and surrounding countries.

The countless blue and white eye amulets found throughout the bazaars of the Middle East have this reputation of protection for those who wear them.

This makes a good transition to talk about the next symbol, the hand of Fatma.

2- The hand of Fatma or Hamsa with the symbol of the protective eye

The khamsa, khmissa, khomsa or tafust is a symbol used as an amulet, talisman and jewel by the inhabitants of North Africa (where it originated) and the Middle East to protect themselves against the evil eye.

The hand pointing down is a symbol of blessing. The hand pointing upwards is a symbol of protection.

Basically, Fatma's hand has the shape of a human hand, but with some particularities. First of all, when you look at it from the front, you have the impression that it has two thumbs. Moreover, if we make a transversal cut of this hand, and if we join the two parts, we obtain a perfect superposition: what is impossible to realize with a human hand.

In some representations, Fatma's hand is equipped with an eye called " protective eye " or " eye of luck ".

It is located in the center of the symbol, just below the three vertical fingers. According to many books, this eye is not there by chance. Its mission is to watch over and protect all the people who wear and believe in this symbol.

As for the eye of Horus, the eye, organ of sight and perception of the world, has a very strong symbolism. Human knowledge or divine omniscience, protective or punitive, it is used in all civilizations as a symbol to represent the invisible or the unspeakable.

This eye is called the "protective eye" or "eye of luck". It is located in the center of the hand, in the palm, just below the three vertical fingers. According to many books, this eye is not there by chance. Its mission is to watch over and protect all people from negative energies. It is usually blue in color.

To learn more about this symbol, read " Fatma's hand: everything you need to know about this symbol "

3- The Pentagram or Pentacle: a powerful symbol of protection

What is the meaning of the Pentagram?

It symbolizes the universe based on the four elements (fire, air, water, earth), and the fifth, the spirit. It has always been a symbol of protection against negative energies. Since the highest antiquity, this star is found in the main feminine cults linked to the Great Mother Goddess and in all religions of Europe, Asia and Africa.

It also symbolizes theperfect man who has balanced his 5 senses.

The pentagram with the head pointing upwards represents the consciousness, the intelligence that governs the world and the 4 elements. This star is the man standing with his head above water, who can act in his own ray, his true being, and thus balance, heal, ennoble all the unbalanced, anarchic forces, who can put order by a superior power that he captures with his thought.

On the other hand, the inverted pentagram is the symbol of unleashed forces, which can no longer be controlled and which fight each other.

To learn more about this symbol, read"the power of the Pentagram"

How to use the Pentagram for protection?

You can attach a harmonizing disc above your front door, for example, or hang a printed canvas in your home to protect it and its inhabitants from the evil eye.

We often think of using symbols in a very external way, and there is nothing wrong with that. But symbols are powerful tools of awakening and they help us to move towards who we really are. They are tools of concentration, of focus, and of spiritual upliftment.

The Pentagram is an impersonal structure that lives in the body. All men are the pentagram; the real question is, "What do they do with it?"

The symbol of the pentagram teaches us that absolutely everything is alive, that everything is spirit and that man is a creator, because he has the four elemental bodies and intelligence, which is the creative spirit. You are a creator through the pentagram. Many things depend on the way you look at them and understand them and the impressions they create in you.

Concentrate on this symbol and develop a living understanding of the Pentagram within yourself.

4- The dreamcatcher: a Native American symbol of protection

In some Native North American cultures, a dreamcatcher is a handcrafted object made of a hoop, usually made of willow, and a net of threads. The decorations which compose it are different for each dreamcatcher.

According to popular belief, the dream catcher prevents bad dreams and negative energies from invading the sleep of its holder. Acting as a filter, it captures the dreams sent by the spirits, preserves the beautiful images of the night and burns the bad visions at first light.

In native culture, dreamcatchers are hung on the side where the sun rises, so that daylight can destroy bad dreams that have settled in the beads and threads of the web.

Numerous legends from different tribes explain the origin and the functioning of the dream catcher. They often have many common points between them: the dreamcatcher was transmitted to the Men during a dream, the spider, in the form of animal or of divinity often intervenes, the teaching of the dreamcatcher is transmitted in return of the protection of a spider web, etc.

The dream catcher is now found in the crafts of most of the native cultures of North America.

According to the Huron culture, all humans are part of the Great Spirit, creator of nature and men. He suggests dreams to us so that we can better understand ourselves. The dream is the vehicle that allows the exchange between Man and the Great Spirit. Still according to this culture, the dream is the expression of the needs of the soul. It is as important to satisfy the needs of the soul as those of the body. The dream allows to free oneself. It ensures balance. If we listen to the process that dreams propose to us, we understand much better the needs of the soul.

You can hang your dream catcher in the window of your room.

5- The Mandalas of Protection

The Mandala of Protection teaches us the qualities of awareness and vigilance.

If you don't know that in life there are dark forces and influences that want to test you and get in your way, you are in danger. If you are wondering how to protect yourself from these forces, then you know they exist and you have already taken the first step on your path with the virtue of protection.

This energy wants you to have discernment, to be awake and vigilant, to know how to choose your alliances in consciousness.

It is important to understand that life is not without dangers. It is important to know how to protect yourself from certain thoughts, moods, feelings and influences, which are often much more real than the physical dangers that we can see. The real danger comes from the subtle worlds, from what is hidden.

We often wrongly seek protection outside ourselves.

But if you live awake, with wisdom and discernment, if you know how to direct your thoughts, protect your heart, control your actions, act in harmony with the intelligence of a higher world, you naturally place the seals of protection on you.

Finding your own center is the best way to avoid being invaded by harmful influences. When you are at the center, and not at the periphery of your being, nothing can touch you.

It is always inside that you will draw the most beautiful forces, the best inspirations, the good guidance on your way. Do not let yourself be caught or dispersed by a multitude of influences and know how to refocus and commune with your soul, your true being, is a great protection in life.

Mandalas are wonderful contemporary tools to achieve this.

Mandala symbol of protection against evil and harmful influences

Be careful because we tend to see harmful influences outside of ourselves when they may be hiding inside of us! Concentrating on this Mandala will allow you to reveal all the hidden forces.

Protection from harmful influences

Mandala symbol of protection of the house

To protect your home and your daily life, you can place a small stone at the entrance and bless it every time you pass through the door. You can choose an amethyst for example, because its purple color is purifying. The more you bless it, the more it will radiate. Thus, many entities carried by the people who enter your home will be repressed. These people will be temporarily cleared, but they will recover their tenants as soon as they leave your home

This practice is similar to taking off one's coat before entering a house. When you leave, you put it back on your shoulders.

Protects the home and provides a balanced atmosphere

Within your home, you can create a powerful field of luminous life by the way you think, speak, feed and act in accordance with the laws of the beautiful life.

By decorating your home with vibrational Mandalas and connecting to them, you ensure a constant protection of Light.

It is essential to have objects and decorations that remind you of the omnipresence of the magical world and that vibrate in harmony with it

A portrait of someone you love can be a mandala that allows you to touch the sublime depths of life. Objects, paintings, furniture also have a soul that can influence your life without you knowing it

That is why it is important to decorate your home only with positive, intelligent, harmonious and lucky things. Vibrational Mandalas, in particular, have been specially designed for this purpose

It is a knowledge that can greatly improve the quality of life in daily life for oneself and for others.

Mandala symbol of protection of the family

Vibrational mandalas in general are magnificent talismans, lucky charms, universal symbols of protection, to radiate forces of protection in your home, in your meditation temple or in your workplace.

You can, according to the vibrations and colors that touch you the most, place the Mandala of Protection or mandalas of certain virtues associated with it such as love, benevolence, vigilance, discernment, kindness, devotion, beauty, nobility ...

Protection for the children's room

6- The Metatron's Cube

From time immemorial, human beings have linked vibratory energies to matter and form. Among the first manifestations of this connection are the megalithic alignments and stone circles, such as the Carnac alignments in Brittany or Stonehenge.

But this relationship was also expressed in a more subtle way in geometric symbolism with the golden numbers.

The ancients understood the importance of harmonious proportions and taught the knowledge of forms through talismans, defense amulets and pentacles.

The Metatron's Cube is a very representative example of this perfect harmony. It contains not only the sacred forms of the Flower of Life, the Seed of Life and the Merkaba, but it also contains all the Platonic solids.

The very high vibration of the Metatron's Cube makes it a powerful symbol to ward off bad vibes.

In the end, which symbol represents best protection?

It is up to each person to make up his or her own mind about the symbols of protection and to experiment them.

But from my own experience, I would happily answer that the most powerful symbols of protection are the Pentagram and the Mandalas of protection.

Other symbols of protection

The Hexagram: a sign of love and protection

The six-pointed star is a very old symbol sometimes called the Seal of Solomon. King Solomon is said to have worn a hexagram as an energy shield, hence the name given to this powerful symbol of protection since that time. It has also been called the Star or the Shield of David when it is represented without the surrounding circle (Magen David). It is a symbol of magical protection.

The circle around it is very important, it reinforces the protective aspect of the symbol by sealing it with an aura of control.

Since ancient times, the Hexagram has been found everywhere in the East, in Phoenicia, in Armenia where it is the wheel of Eternity, in India where it is traditionally the symbol of Shiva/Shakti, of harmony and the heart chakra.

Wearing a Hexagram or putting a Hexagram in your home will protect you all the better if you have established a psychic link with this symbol. It is the interaction that we create with it that becomes a precious help and not the opposite.

Esoteric symbols of Celtic protection

Contrary to what you can read on other sites, and according to some specialists of symbols, the Triskel is not in itself a symbol of protection. It is indeed a lucky charm but it has rather a power of spiritual unification (this symbol being based on the law of the Holy Trinity).

On the other hand, there is a symbol close to the Triskel which is the Triquetra.

This Celtic symbol is very old. Over time, many ways of representing it have developed. For example, when the lines that form the Triquetra are doubled, it is called a " trinity knot ".

In symbology, a triquetra (derived from the Latin tri-, "three" and quetrus, "provided with corners") is a symbol consisting of three vesicae piscis, sometimes accompanied by an inner or outer circle.

Other symbols of Wicca that are well known to modern witches include the Triple Goddess, the Horned God, the Celtic Knot, the Witch's Knot and the Pentacle.

Which tattoo for protection ?

Each symbol has its own particular vibration, so I suggest that you think it twice and get informed before choosing your tattoo.

Spontaneously, my choice would be the Triquetra because it is a symbol of both protection and extreme harmony. The Triquetra is certainly one of the most beautiful symbols representing the Holy Trinity. We have here a complex expression of equality, eternity, unity and glory in what is essentially a simple form.

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A final word

The law of universal harmony tells us that everything is important. Every detail counts, but for the well-being of the whole. Each form, symbol, color, smell, sound, intelligence has its role, its value, its utility. This is a law that can be found everywhere: the law of correspondences, on which all the precepts of magical science are based.

This law is real and active. It should not be practiced in a mechanical or superstitious way, saying to yourself: if I place this thing here or there, I will get this result. Of course it works, because fixed forms - like furniture, carpets, decorative objects, colors... - are fed and enlivened by the people who live with them.

Know that in everything, man is the source of his own world. If we place a lucky Mandala or an esoteric symbol for harmony, protection etc. and that all around the furniture and colors create the corresponding atmosphere, a force and positive vibes will be generated

But if we ourselves are totally agitated and disordered, we will depolarize all that we had previously put in place and dedicated to this or that virtue, energy, intention.

We arrive at the end of this article. I hope you liked it.

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