Tetragrammaton energizing tray
    • Tetragrammaton energizing tray
    • Tetragrammaton energizing tray
    • Tetragrammaton energizing tray

    Tetragrammaton energizing tray

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    Wooden energising tray with Tetragrammaton


    If you appreciate our harmonising disks, then you will succumb for the beautiful luminous and the beautiful finishes of our wooden energising trays!

    Clear your space of negative energies

    By placing the energizing tray in your space, this very powerful spiritual protection tool can be used to protect you from negative forces, to promote inner peace and to ward off bad energies.


    Clean and recharge your minerals easily and efficiently

    No more hassle to know when is the next full moon! In addition the purification method varies depending on the stones and it is often difficult to navigate and especially to remember. Exit incense, water, salt or other method. With wavelenght forms, you no longer have to ask yourself these questions. You simply put your stones on your symbol of sacred geometry and let act! Your stones will clean and recharge by themselves.

    The time required to clean and recharge varies depending on the unloading status of your minerals. The easiest way is to leave them on the wavelenght form at night and recover them in the morning when you wake up. Listen to your feelings.

    Unique characteristics :

    The Tetragrammaton is a sacred symbol representing the name of God in Hebrew tradition. It's made up of the four Hebrew letters that form the Tetragrammaton, encapsulated in a pentacle, a symbol of protection and power. The pentacle is considered a powerful magical tool, used to invoke beneficial spiritual energies and promote harmony and balance in daily life.

    The Tetragrammaton Pentacle is a deeply meaningful symbol, imbued with mystery and spirituality. Composed of the four Hebrew letters Yod, He, Vav, He, which form the sacred name of God in Hebrew tradition, the Tetragrammaton, this pentacle embodies the very essence of divinity and creation.

    Meaning of the four letters:

    Yod (יהוה) : This first letter of the Tetragrammaton represents divine consciousness, the primordial source of all existence. It is associated with the creation and manifestation of the universe.

    He (ה): The second letter, repeated twice in the Tetragrammaton, symbolizes God's presence in the material world. It evokes divine immanence and the revelation of divinity in nature.

    Vav (ו): This third letter of the Tetragrammaton represents the connection between heaven and earth, the union between the divine and the human. It also symbolizes strength and stability.

    He (ה): The last letter of the Tetragrammaton, identical to the second letter, underlines God's eternal and unchanging aspect, as well as his constant presence in the world.

    Wooden tray with angled edges, glossy surface.
    Dimensions: 29,1x29,1 cm Thickness 16mm
    Comes with 4 small non-slip pads for use as a tray.

    You can put the tray on your wall with a tip or a screw (notches provided for this purpose). As wall panel, it will be of the most beautiful effect and will illuminate your living space or work.


    Avoid placing hot containers on your tray and clean it with a damp cloth.
    Wooden tray printed with care and love in our workshop ☺.

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