Repositionable window sticker Pentacle
    • Repositionable window sticker Pentacle

    Repositionable window sticker Pentacle

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    Pentacle transparent window sticker

    Choose your diameter: 10 cm diameter

    For our balance and our psychic and spiritual fulfillment, it is important to put in first place a good philosophy and a sensible and harmonious way of life.

    Light and colours, which are variations of light, contain real riches.

    Beyond the purely aesthetic aspect and the pleasure that colors provide, they really act on you, they influence you favorably and contribute to your inner harmony.

    We created and printed this sticker especially for this.

    The sticker is transparent and allows the rays of light to pass through. The colours of the sticker reflect pleasantly on your floor.

    And each sacred geometry symbol will also radiate its beautiful positive energy.

    Where to put the Pentacle repositionable sticker?

    You can stick it on any flat surface and preferably on glass surfaces, such as your bay window, your glass door or simply on a window.

    But feel free to stick it wherever your imagination takes you. Why not on the wall of your glass shower, or on a mirror? Or even in your car?

    And if you want to change its place, nothing could be simpler. Just peel it off gently and reposition it somewhere else.

    For better adhesion, we recommend that you add a little water (soapy or not) and remove any air bubbles with a delicate cloth.

    Pentacle stickers to restructure and energize water

    The Pentacle stickers, with their wavelenght form, studied by many scientists, has proven in the laboratory its ability to restructure water in 3 minutes!

    Even if other media lend themselves much better for dynamization (such as the energizing glass plate for example) you can stick a Pentacle sticker on your glass bottles and carafes for example!

    This symbol of sacred geometry will bring you serenity, balance and protection in your daily life.

    What is the Pentacle?

    A pentacle is a five-pointed star (pentagram) inscribed in a circle.

    Symbolically, each of the branches of the pentacle corresponds to an element: water, earth, fire, air and spirit. The circle symbolises infinity and the link that unites all parts of the living. Using a pentacle therefore allows you to feel connected with the universe, as well as to recognize the forces of nature.

    The upright pentagram is a symbol of the accomplished man who has awakened his 5 senses and who lives in harmony with his real being. This is why it is important to use it with the tip of the head up.

    Symbol of life and protection, it can be used as a talisman.


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