Wheel of the Year Pendulum Mat
    • Wheel of the Year Pendulum Mat
    • Wheel of the Year Pendulum Mat

    Wheel of the Year Pendulum Mat

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    Pendulum Wheel of the Year Anti-Slip Mat


    In the world of divination, each tool has a special importance. If you are a practitioner of Wicca or simply drawn to the mysteries of the universe, the Wheel of the Year Pendulum Mat is the ideal accessory to enrich your divination experience.

    The Wheel of the Year: A Guide in Time and Space

    Integrated Wicca Calendar: Imagine a mat that not only provides a stable base for your pendulum sessions but also incorporates the Wicca calendar, a powerful symbol of connection with nature and the cycles of life. Each part of the wheel represents a season, inviting a deeper exploration of the surrounding energies.

    Triple Goddess and Moon Phases: The mat proudly displays the symbols of the triple goddess, embodying the feminine aspects of divinity, and the phases of the moon, reflecting the constant cycles of growth, decline and renewal. These elements create a sacred space conducive to exploring the mysteries of existence.

    Why choose the wheel of the year pendulum mat?

    With its generous dimensions of 25 x 25 cm, this mat offers an ideal surface for your divinatory sessions. Its non-slip coating ensures maximum stability, allowing your pendulum to answer each question precisely.

    The symbols of the triple goddess and the lunar phases serve as visual cues, helping to interpret the movements of the pendulum in more depth. Each session thus becomes a guided exploration of the energies that surround you.

    1. Strengthened spiritual connection: The presence of the Wicca calendar, the triple goddess, and the lunar phases creates a deeper spiritual connection during your divination sessions.

    2. Stability and reliability: The non-slip mat provides a solid base for your pendulum, ensuring clear and precise movements in every session.

    3. Exploring the Cycles of Life: The Wheel of the Year on the mat invites you to explore natural cycles and seasonal energies, enriching your understanding of time and space.

    Elevate your divinatory practices

    Investing in the Wheel of the Year Pendulum Mat goes beyond a simple accessory. It is a journey towards deeper understanding of the forces around us. Explore magic, stability, and symbolism with this unique mat, and let each pendulum movement be guided by the energies of the wheel of the year.


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    25 x 25 cm