7-ray Flower of Life sticker Ø 10 cm

7-ray Flower of Life sticker Ø 10 cm

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Mandalashop offers you self-adhesive stickers with the Flower of Life.

We have now developed 2 formats: a 4cm and a 10cm.

The models we offer are our own creations and are printed in the south of France. No more standard models that you find everywhere!

The paper we have selected is a white vinyl adhesive, which guarantees solidity and irreproachable quality.

Where to put the Flower of Life stickers?

You can stick your Flower of Life sticker on your smartphone, computer, television, devices releasing electromagnetic energy but also on your windows, walls, doors ... in short, any place where your inspiration will guide you.

We have developed the Flower of Life 4 cm sticker specifically so that you can stick it on the back of your phone. It will therefore adapt to all models.

Flower of Life stickers to restructure and energise water

The Flower of Life stickers, with their wavelenght form, studied by many scientists, have proven in the laboratory its ability to restructure water in 3 minutes!

Even if other supports are much better suited for dynamisation (such as the glass energising plate for example) you can stick a Flower of Life sticker on your bottles, decanters, water filters, bowls for animals, etc. etc. !

This symbol of sacred geometry will bring you serenity, balance and protection in your daily life.

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10 cm
Flower of life

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    Beautiful colors (Translated review)

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    beautiful products (Translated review)

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    I love everything that represents this Flower of Life, multicolored in particular. Merc (Translated review)

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    Perfect (Translated review)

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    Beautiful colors, beautiful product (Translated review)

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    I loveeee the symbol of the flower of life associated with the colors of the chakras. I also recommend this article, to energetize your daily objects. (Translated review)

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    the flower of life and the colors of the rainbow together: perfect !!!! (Translated review)