Tree of Life Pendant
    • Tree of Life Pendant
    • Tree of Life Pendant
    • Tree of Life Pendant
    • Tree of Life Pendant

    Tree of Life Pendant

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    Silver Tree of Life Pendant with its chain


    Why do we think the world is going crazy?

    Just because maybe it is ...

    It is a feeling that many of us share and that the succession of events makes more meaningful than ever.

    Anxiety becomes an almost permanent feeling.

    Technological acceleration is increasingly taking precedence over humans.

    "No Future". The 1970s punk slogan is making a comeback. Young people today, but also more and more adults, are witnessing the degradation of the values of work, family, etc. We no longer have anything concrete to relate to.

    And when nothing makes sense anymore, when you have no more horizon, you quickly feel overwhelmed.

    It is often difficult to protect oneself from all these moral and psychological attacks.

    Symbols of sacred geometry act as talismans, amulets, or good luck charms.

    The word "talisman" is very old and comes from ancient Greek and partly from Byzantine Greek telesma (religious rite), and from Arabic tilasm. It is an object (jewel, stone, etc.) on which are engraved or inscribed so-called "consecrated" signs or symbols, to which protective and magical powers are attributed.

    According to its symbolic representations, the talisman confers luck, protection, love or health on whoever wears it and trusts it.

    They will help you restructure and are a reminder of the presence of the magical world within you and around you.

    There is no civilization that does not have its own amulets and talismans, which can sometimes be found in several cultures at the same time.

    All peoples, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Barbarians, invoked the help of these objects. Often, we find the same patterns in different cultures, without the slightest link between them.

    Wearing a Tree of Life pendant

    The energetic jewel will naturally radiate its energy and its soul of life on you and your environment. Welcoming the vibratory symbol, whatever it is, into one's life instantly brings about a subtle change in everyday life, a blessing and a presence of Light that makes all the difference.

    When you feel the need, you can also bring your loving attention to your pendant and it will help you refocus, remain more serene.

    What does the Tree of life represent?

    The tree of life is a universal and timeless sacred symbol. It symbolises the force of life and its origins, the totality of the worlds, the whole cosmos.

    Symbol of harmony and balance, strength and growth, rebirth, it is linked to life but also to wisdom. It indicates the path to mastery of thought and opens the path to the past (the roots), the present (the trunk) and the future (the branches).

    From a symbolic point of view, man is similar to a tree. He is the creative man because he unites heaven and earth. He invites you to take charge of your life.

    By focusing on the tree of life in you and making it alive in all of your activities, you put order and allow the great cycle of evolution to act to transform everything.

    Mandalashop jewelry

    We have carefully selected the range of jewelry that you will find on our online store.

    All our pendants are made of 925/1000 silver. This means that they will not oxidize over time and will not turn all black like many jewelry.

    Each jewel will be delivered to you in a beautiful box with a silver 925 chain of 45 cm.


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