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Vegvisir pendant in 925 silver
  • Vegvisir pendant in 925 silver
  • Vegvisir pendant in 925 silver
  • Vegvisir pendant in 925 silver

Vegvisir pendant in 925 silver

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Vegvisir viking pendant in 925 silver with its waxed cotton necklace


Discover our Vegvisir Viking Compass silver pendant, a unique handcrafted piece that combines elegance and Viking symbolism. Made with exceptional care, this pendant is designed for lovers of Nordic culture and those looking for a talisman to accompany them every day.

The pendant is crafted from 925 sterling silver, providing long-lasting shine and exceptional resistance to wear. It measures 2.45 cm in diameter, a perfect size for a discreet but captivating piece of jewelry. The design is finely detailed, showcasing the Vegvisir symbol in the center, surrounded by traditional runic designs.

Meaning and Origin

Vegvísir is derived from two Icelandic words, vegur and vísir. Vegur means “path, road, path” and vísir means “path, guide”.

The Vegvisir, often called the Viking compass, or Norse compass, is an old Norse symbol comprising eight runes radiating from a central point. Around Vegvisir, we find other runes of the Nordic alphabet.

This "Viking compass" or "travel guide" is not a compass itself but rather a symbol to prevent you from getting lost. It is an ancient Icelandic symbol used by navigators for protection and guidance at sea. Derived from 17th-century Icelandic manuscripts, it is believed to help its wearer find their way, even in the most difficult conditions.

It is a powerful symbol of protection and guidance, ideal for those seeking to stay on track in their personal or spiritual lives.


2.45 cm pendant, in 925 silver.
Delivered with its waxed cotton cord


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925 silver
2.45 cm