Gold plated Unalome Om pendant
    • Gold plated Unalome Om pendant
    • Gold plated Unalome Om pendant
    • Gold plated Unalome Om pendant

    Gold plated Unalome Om pendant

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    Gold plated Unalome Om pendant with its chain


    In the fascinating world of jewelry loaded with spiritual symbolism, the Unalome Om pendant stands out as a creation imbued with meaning and depth. This unique piece marries two sacred symbols, the Unalome and the Om, to create a visual representation of the spiritual journey and oneness with the universe. Discover the powerful meaning and enchanting aesthetic of the Unalome Om pendant, delving into the world of spirituality and art, fused into one exquisite creation.

    Unalome Om Pendant: A Spiritual and Aesthetic Journey

    The Unalome Om pendant, merging symbolism and beauty, embodies a beautiful representation of the spiritual path deeply rooted in Buddhist and Hindu philosophy. This unique piece of jewelry has its origins in ancient traditions and offers rich meaning to those who wear it. Discover the symbolism of the Unalome Om pendant, its connection to meditation and peace of mind, the inner connection with yourself, as well as the aesthetic aspects that make it both a spiritual and fashionable accessory.

    Meaning of the Unalome Om Pendant

    Unalome: The Spiritual Path

    The Unalome is a Buddhist symbol that represents the spiritual path to enlightenment. Visually, it looks like an elegant spiral with twists and turns, depicting the ups and downs of life. This winding curve is metaphorical of each individual's spiritual journey, with their experiences, challenges and moments of personal growth. Worn as a pendant, the Unalome is a reminder of the changing nature of life and the importance of persevering despite obstacles.

    The meaning of the Unalome is deep and symbolic:

    • Starting point: The beginning of the line represents birth, the beginning of life or ignorance.

    • Loops and turns: The loops and turns that follow symbolize experiences, challenges and moments of growth in life. They represent the ups and downs, the joys and the difficulties that we encounter along the way.

    • Path to Enlightenment: The path to Unalome usually ends in a straight line or spiral, which represents the attainment of enlightenment, wisdom, inner peace or spiritual awakening. It is the stage where one overcomes the sufferings and attachments of life and reaches a state of clarity and deep understanding.

    The Unalome is a reminder that the path to self-realization and spirituality is not linear. Difficult experiences and trials are an integral part of the journey, and each obstacle along the way has the potential to bring us closer to enlightenment.

    Om: The Primordial Sound

    The sacred syllable Om, also written as "Aum," is a sacred sound and an essential symbol in Hindu and Buddhist spiritual traditions. It is considered the primordial sound from which the universe would have been created. The sacred syllable OM represents the God Brahma, the impersonal Absolute – all-powerful, omnipresent and the source of all manifested existence.

    Repeating the sound "Om" is a common practice in meditation and is believed to connect practitioners to a higher state of consciousness. The Unalome Om pendant merges these two symbols, creating a synergy of spiritual journey and connection with the universe.

    The Unalome Om Pendant and Meditation

    Wearing the Unalome Om pendant can be a source of inspiration for those who practice meditation and seek inner peace. The Unalome spiral recalls the cyclical nature of meditation, with its moments of deep calm and its periods of distraction. By combining this element with the symbol "Om," this symbol is the perfect way to encourage you to delve into your inner journey, overcome distractions and reach a deeper meditative state.

    The Aesthetics of the Unalome Om Pendant

    The Unalome Om pendant not only offers deep spiritual meaning, but is also an aesthetically appealing accessory. Creative jewelers have adapted these ancient symbols and incorporated them into modern designs, blending tradition with contemporary style.

    Original creation made from high quality materials, the model we have carefully selected is 18K gold plated.

    The Unalome Om pendant is much more than just a fashion accessory. It embodies the depth of the spiritual journey through the symbols of Unalome and Om. Carrying deep meanings, it serves as a reminder of the need to persevere despite challenges, while providing a spiritual connection with the universe on your own unique journey. As an aesthetic element, it unites past and present in a harmonious design. If you are looking for an accessory that combines spiritual meaning and visual beauty, the Unalome Om Pendant could be the ideal choice.


    Pendant dimensions: 1.5 cm x 3.4 cm.
    18k gold plated.
    Comes with its 18 carat gold plated chain.
    Chain length: 45 cm


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    Aum - Om
    18K gold plated
    1.5 cm x 3.4 cm