Gold-plated Om – Aum pendant
    • Gold-plated Om – Aum pendant
    • Gold-plated Om – Aum pendant

    Gold-plated Om – Aum pendant

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    Gold-plated 18K Om – Aum pendant with its chain


    The fascinating world of jewelry often reveals much more than simple ornaments; it becomes the reflection of our spirituality and our quest for meaning. Among the jewels loaded with deep meanings, the "Om" or "Aum" pendant stands out as a powerful and universal symbol, carrying a spiritual richness dating back several millennia.

    The "Om" represents much more than a simple sacred syllable: it evokes the very essence of existence, cosmic unity and inner harmony. Many people choose to wear it as a precious talisman in their spiritual and personal journey.

    Buddhist or Tibetan Om pendant

    Om and Lotus Flower necklace in gold plated

    "Om" is an important spiritual symbol in Hindu, Buddhist traditions and other spiritual practices. It is a sacred sound and a syllable that is often used as a mantra during meditations.

    "Om" (ॐ) is a sacred syllable, primordial sound and important mantra in various spiritual traditions including Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and other meditative and religious practices in India.

    The "Om" symbol often represents the universal essence, supreme consciousness, and is considered the fundamental vibration of the universe. It is also associated with more specific meanings in different traditions. For example :

    • In Hinduism, “Om” is considered the primordial sound from which the universe emerged. It represents the state of waking, dreaming and deep sleep, as well as the state of transcendence beyond these states.

    • In Buddhism, “Om” is associated with the body, speech and mind of the Buddha, as well as the Three Jewels: the Buddha, the Dharma (the teaching) and the Sangha (the spiritual community).

    • In Jainism, “Om” is considered a mantra that symbolizes spiritual perfection and represents respect towards all living beings.

    Om pendant and purple Indian chakra

    "Om" is often used as a meditation mantra. By repeating it rhythmically, practitioners seek to connect with their own inner essence and blend into the universe while achieving a state of calm and focus.

    The use and meaning of "Om" may vary depending on personal beliefs and spiritual traditions. It is a deeply respected and meaningful symbol in many cultures and spiritual practices.

    Why wear Om - Aum jewelry?

    To connect you to your spiritual path

    Your Om pendant can be worn as a symbol of spirituality, meditation, inner peace, or connection with specific religious or philosophical practices.

    It can be worn as a fashion accessory or as a spiritual reminder, depending on what personal meaning you attribute to this symbol.

    The Om pendant is a piece of jewelry in the shape of the "Om" (ॐ) symbol, which is a sacred syllable and mantra in spiritual traditions like Hinduism, Buddhism and other meditative practices. The Om symbol represents ultimate reality, the unity of all aspects of life including the physical, mental and spiritual.

    We have carefully chosen this gold-plated model which is very delicate and harmonious.

    Pendant with Om for yoga

    Here are some reasons why some people choose to wear "Om" jewelry:

    • Spirituality and Connection: The “Om” symbol is associated with spirituality, supreme consciousness and universality. Wearing it can help some people feel connected to something bigger than themselves and to their own spiritual practices.

    • Meditation and Calm: The sound “Om” is used as a mantra in meditation. Wearing "Om" jewelry can serve as a reminder to practice meditation and promote inner calm and focus.

    • Constant Reminder: An “Om” piece of jewelry can serve as a constant reminder of the values and teachings one wishes to incorporate into one’s life, such as peace, compassion, and the search for truth.

    • Spiritual Protection: Some believe that the “Om” symbol has protective properties and can help ward off negative energies.

    • Expression of Belief: Wearing “Om” jewelry can be a way to openly express your spiritual beliefs and share with others what is important to you.

    • Decoration and Style: In addition to its spiritual significance, the “Om” symbol is also aesthetically pleasing. Some wear "Om" jewelry as fashion accessories, combining their deep meaning with their personal style.

    • Celebration of Culture: For those who have cultural or religious ties to India and Hindu or Buddhist traditions, wearing “Om” jewelry can be a way to celebrate their cultural and spiritual heritage.

    It is important to note that the meaning and reason for wearing "Om" jewelry may vary from person to person. Before wearing “Om” jewelry, it is recommended to think about your personal motivations and what this symbol represents to you. This will help you wear the jewelry with intention and get the most out of it on a spiritual and personal level.


    2.5 cm pendant, 18 carat gold plated.

    Comes with its 18 carat gold plated chain.
    Dimensions of the chain: 45 cm


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    Aum - Om
    18K gold plated
    2.5 cm