Gold plated Metatron's Cube necklace
    • Gold plated Metatron's Cube necklace
    • Gold plated Metatron's Cube necklace
    • Gold plated Metatron's Cube necklace
    • Gold plated Metatron's Cube necklace

    Gold plated Metatron's Cube necklace

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    Gold plated 18K Metatron's Cube Pendant with its chain


    When you look at your Metatron's Cube jewelry for the first time, you intuitively sense that there is something captivating about it, even if you have no idea what it is or what it means.

    Just like all ancient symbols and sacred geometric shapes, that is the point. They are particularly captivating, which is why these symbols have survived from generation to generation for thousands of years.

    What is Metatron's Cube?

    The intersecting lines, perfectly spaced circles, exact angles and timeless mathematics of the Metatron's Cube make it both very simple in design, yet complex in construction and meaning.

    In its 3D form, the Metatron's Cube takes the shape of a Merkaba, which is the 3D shape formed by two intersecting pyramids.

    Like all sacred geometric shapes, the roots of sacred symbols such as the Metatron's Cube go back to the symbolic creation of the universe.

    The Metatron's Cube symbol is used to explain and symbolize this "birth of the universe" and its nature of infinite expansion in all directions of time and space.

    Just like the main theory of the birth of the universe, the Metatron's Cube also starts with a singular point in the middle and then expands outward.

    Everything in the universe (galaxies, solar systems, stars, planets, humans, plants, animals, DNA structures, atoms, electrons and nanoparticles) is believed to be composed of the same fundamental building blocks and follows the same fundamental mathematical laws of nature and physics.

    Why wear Metatron's Cube jewelry for men and women?

    The Metatron's cube sacred geometry meaning symbolizes balance, spiritual awakening, positive flowing energy, harmony, and guidance (angelic, a higher power or of the universe). There are many benefits to using the Metatron's Cube in your spiritual practice and here are some ideas to get you started.

    Harmony and Peace

    The Metatron's Cube reflects the energy balance of the Universe, and it's easy to see that it's all connected. The circles are united by lines representing unity and how all things come together in perfect balance.

    It happens in our mind when we find inner peace or solve an impossible problem. It doesn't matter if something seems minor or insignificant, because even those moments hold immense importance in shaping who you are!

    Many people use the Metatron's Cube as a source of motivation for their personal and spiritual growth.

    Balance and Harmony

    The Metatron's Cube symbol is associated with sacred geometry and universal harmony. By wearing a Metatron pendant, you may seek to balance your energies and promote an overall sense of well-being.

    Connection and Wisdom

    The Metatron pendant can serve as a constant reminder of your connection to the divine and your spiritual journey. It can help you feel more connected to spiritual aspects of your daily life.

    The Metatron's Cube motif embodies all forms of life. It is the foundation of the universe and shows that we hold deep sacred knowledge and power within us. Moreover it integrates all the solids of Plato, the Flower of Life as well as the Fruit of life.

    It captures all of life's patterns and secrets, from creation to destruction, even showing what we might one day become!

    Healing and Protection Metatron Pendant or Necklace

    The Metatron's Cube pendant is a powerful tool for healing and protection. It has a very high vibratory rate. It can help you connect with the spiritual wisdom of the universe, and its patterns are considered a gateway to higher dimensions.

    This beautiful pendant can also be used as a protective talisman, as it is believed to absorb and eliminate negative energies and protect you from harm. If you feel attacked spiritually or emotionally, try meditating with it for support and protection.

    Guidance and Support

    By wearing a Metatron pendant, you may seek to seek guidance and support from Archangel Metatron in your personal decisions, choices, and challenges.

    Meditation and Spiritual Practice

    Your Metatron pendant can be used as a point of focus during meditation or other spiritual practices. It can help deepen your meditation experience and connect you to higher states of consciousness.

    How to work with Metatron's Cube Pendant? What are its virtues?

    Working with a Metatron's Cube pendant involves incorporating it into your spiritual practices and daily life. Here are some ways to work with this pendant to make the most of its energies and symbolic meaning:

    1. Meditation: Use the Metatron's Cube Pendant as a point of focus during your meditation sessions. Hold it in your hands or wear it close to your heart as you meditate. Visualize the cube radiating light and energy, connecting you with Archangel Metatron and facilitating your meditative experience.

    2. Intention: Before putting on the pendant, take a moment to set a clear intention. It could be related to healing, protection, spiritual growth, or any other positive intention. Each time you wear the pendant, remember this intention.

    3. Affirmations: Create positive affirmations related to your intention and recite them while wearing the pendant. For example, if your intention is to achieve greater inner balance, you might say, "I am in harmony with myself and the universe."

    4. Energy Healing: If you practice energy healing, hold the pendant in your hands and imagine it channeling healing energies through you. Use it to gently sweep your aura and chakras to balance and harmonize your energies.

    5. Spiritual Practices: Integrate the pendant into your daily spiritual rituals. Use it to create a sacred space, light a candle next to it, or do a special prayer or meditation in its presence.

    6. Self-Reflection: Wear the pendant during moments of self-reflection and journaling. Write about your experiences, emotions, and insights while wearing the pendant, noting any meaning or inspiration that may emerge.

    7. Rituals of Protection: If you seek spiritual protection, charge the pendant with this intention. Before wearing it, imagine that it creates a shield of light and protection around you.

    8. Visual Symbolism: When wearing the pendant, constantly remind yourself of the symbolism of Metatron's Cube. Imagine how its interconnected geometric shapes represent the harmony and structure of the universe.

    9. Spiritual Upliftment: Use the pendant as a reminder of your quest for spiritual upliftment. Wear it as a symbol of your commitment to align with higher levels of consciousness and understanding.

    When working with the Metatron's Cube Pendant, listen to your intuition and follow the methods that resonate most with you. The key is to create a personal connection with the pendant and integrate its energies into your daily spiritual practice.


    1.8 cm pendant, 18 carat gold plated.

    Comes with its 18 carat gold plated chain.
    Chain length: 45 cm


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    Metatron's Cube
    18K gold plated
    1.8 cm
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