Triquetra with moonstone necklace
    • Triquetra with moonstone necklace

    Triquetra with moonstone necklace

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    Triquetra with moonstone sterling silver necklace


    If you often find it difficult to protect yourself from moral or psychological aggression, this pendant is made for you.

    Sacred geometry symbols act as talismans, amulets or lucky charms.
    The word "talisman" is very old. It is an object (jewel, stone, etc.) on which are engraved or inscribed so-called “consecrated” signs or symbols, to which protective and magical powers are attributed.

    According to its symbolic representations, the talisman bestows luck, protection, love or health on who wears it and trusts it.

    They will help restructure you and are a reminder of the presence of the magical world within you and around you.
    There is no civilization that does not have its own amulets and talismans, which are sometimes found in several cultures at the same time.
    All peoples, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Barbarians, invoked the help of these objects. Often, we find the same forms in different cultures, without the slightest link between them.

    Why Wear a Triquetra Pendant

    Often associated with the Triple Goddess of the Moon among Wiccans, this symbol was rather associated with the elements earth, air, water among Celtic Druids.

    The purpose of the Triquetra is to showcase the power of three and the connectedness of all things. This concept is used in neo-pagan practices, witchcraft and Wicca to symbolize the power to combine elements and/or deities. It also anchors the practitioner to nature and the land they inhabit.

    Moonstone, as its name suggests, is naturally associated with the energy of the moon. It is synonymous with softness, femininity and fertility. It is a very well-known natural stone in lithotherapy, it is as precious for the body as for the mind.

    The Energy Jewel will naturally radiate its energy and life soul to you and your surroundings. It will help protect you from harmful influences.

    Welcoming the vibrational symbol, whatever it is, into one's life instantly leads to a subtle change in daily life, a blessing and a presence of Light that makes all the difference.

    When you feel the need, you can also bring your loving attention to your pendant and it will help you refocus, stay more serene.

    Mandalashop jewelry

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    All our pendants are in 925/1000 sterling silver. This means that they will not oxidize over time and turn completely black as is the case with a lot of jewelry.

    Each jewel is delivered with its silver chain in a beautiful case.

    Features :

    Triquetra with moonstone: 3.5 cm, in 925 silver.
    45cm silver chain


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