Purification spiritual box
    • Purification spiritual box
    • Purification spiritual box
    • Purification spiritual box
    • Purification spiritual box

    Purification spiritual box

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    Purification spiritual box

    Choose your harmonising disk: Purple Metatron's Cube
    Choose your candle holder: 7-ray Metatron's Cube

    Do you feel bad at home?

    Wherever you live, it may be disturbed and in need of purification and energetic harmonization. Indeed, the walls and objects are filled with energy, they have a memory. They absorb different ambient energies or emotions over time and store energies, sometimes disruptive.

    It is also advisable to carry out an energy purification and harmonization after a major ordeal in your life, such as depression or illness, in order to drive out all the bad energies trapped in your home in order to find it more pleasant and healthy. .

    Then you will love our box.

    The spiritual box purification accompanies you throughout the year, on your spiritual path to reconnect with natural energies and find harmony within you and around you.

    Each box is made by us with quality craft products.

    Quality handicrafts

    Your purification box includes:

    • 1 photophore of your choice (value €10)
    • 1 harmonizing disc of your choice (value €9)
    • 1 white sage smudge with 7 chakra petals (value €11)
    • Purification salt (value 5€)
    • 1 amethyst extra (value €8)

    Value of the products of your box: 43€.

    Properties of the stones in your box

    Amethyst: excellent against anxieties. The best stone for the 7th chakra: intuition, meditation, concentration. Helps to untie certain psychic tensions, to strengthen the will and to find a calm sleep.

    It neutralizes negative waves like rose quartz. Raised vibration.

    A beautiful point or plate of amethyst produces a strong field of energy in the house which purifies the atmosphere, brings relaxation and peace.

    Choose your sacred geometry symbol

    In order: Metatron's Cube, or surround oneself with harmonious forces, or purify ambient negative energy

    cube de métatrons'entourer de forces harmoniseusespurifie l'énergie négative

    How to use the products of your box

    We thought of you since on our blog you will find all the answers to your questions.

    We have written a complete article on our spiritual boxes.

    • How to use the symbols in your daily life
    • How to use white sage to purify
    • How to use the protection or purification salt
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