Zen spiritual box
    • Zen spiritual box
    • Zen spiritual box
    • Zen spiritual box
    • Zen spiritual box
    • Zen spiritual box

    Zen spiritual box

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    Zen spiritual box

    Choose your harmonising disk: Mandala of Letting go
    Choose your candle holder: Mandala of Meditation
    Choose your stone: Selenite pebble

    Do you need to pamper yourself? To find the little flame inside you and reconnect to the essentials?

    Then you will love our box.

    The spiritual box zen accompanies you throughout the year, on your spiritual path to reconnect with natural energies and find harmony in you and around you.

    Each box is made by us with quality craft products.

    An anti-stress box

    In our time, stress is one of the most widespread scourges. Whether it comes from working conditions, family relationships, financial difficulties... or any other cause, it frequently invites itself into our lives and never leaves. Thus, he ends up ruining the existence of the one who lets him settle in his house.

    By harmonizing again with the great principles of nature, you can find a force of stability, a fluid and harmonious life.

    Our box contains products that will help you find serenity and zenitude. These are products that you can use in your everyday life.

    Quality handicrafts

    Your Zen spiritual box includes:
    • 1 photophore of your choice (value €10)
    • 1 harmonizing disk of your choice (value €9)
    • 3 stones: amethyst, pink quartz and extra rock crystal (value €17) or 1 selenite pebble 6x4 cm (value €10)
    • 1 lotus flower candle (value €4)

    Value of the products of your box: between 33 and 40€.

    Properties of the stones in your box

    Amethyst: excellent against anxieties. The best stone for the 7th chakra: intuition, meditation, concentration. Helps to untie certain psychic tensions, to strengthen the will and to find a calm sleep.

    Rose quartz: brings softness, infinite tenderness, self-love, inner peace, absolute calm and spirituality. Effective stone against depression, excellent for the heart and insomnia. Helps sleep and relax.

    Rock crystal: the purest of hard stones, heals by reharmonization. When the crystal is placed on the body, it unravels blocked energies. It is used to strengthen the optic nerve, against headaches caused by stress.

    Selenite: it is a stone that provides inner peace and an expansion of consciousness.

    Choose your sacred geometry symbols

    In order: Letting go, Peace of mind, Serenity, Calm

    lâcher prisela paix de l'espritsérénitécalme

    How to use the products of your box

    We thought of you since on our blog you will find all the answers to your questions.

    We have written a complete article on our spiritual boxes.

    • How to use the symbols in your daily life
    • How to use white sage to purify
    • How to use the protection or purification salt
    • How to use stones
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    • ico_user.png María Teresa B. flag-es.png
      Published Mar 13, 2023 at 03:26 pm (Order date: Feb 22, 2023)

      Beautiful ? and good quality. Great as a gift (Translated review)

    • ico_user.png VERONIQUE Q. flag-fr.png
      Published May 06, 2022 at 06:45 pm

      A superb gift to offer or to offer itself ... everything is thought to bring you towards high energies ... an original idea which wants you good with a fast and neat expedition ... Thank you (Translated review)