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Love spiritual box

Love spiritual box

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Living with love is a path, a natural aspiration that we carry within ourselves. Love is omnipresent. It constitutes us, it is a force that holds the whole universe together. We are essentially made up of love, made up of God.

Why should we make an effort to find this source that flows naturally within us?

It is a natural path that we have gradually forgotten by letting other beings, other forces enter and fertilize us, moving us away from this source which is our true being.

Thus, men and women suffer from no longer being themselves, from no longer being true, authentic, from having to wear masks.

Love is the source of all life, everything that breathes momentum, joy, expansion of our souls. Love speaks to us of unity with all beings, of harmony with all worlds.

Finding the path of communion with this energy of love is a surge of love towards oneself, towards one's true being. It is a stripping of all masks and pretenses, concepts, beliefs and a whole education that has led us to live and act outside the intelligence of love.

Quality handicrafts

Your Love box includes:

• 1 candle holder of Love (value €10)
• 1 harmonizing disk of Love (value €9)
• 1 stone of your choice: 1 XL rose quartz pebble (value €24) or 1 selenite heart engraved with the Flower of Life 5x4 cm (value €18) or 1 selenite pebble 6x4 cm (value €10)
• 1 heart candle (value €2)
• 1 written meditation (value 10€)

Value of the products of your box: between 41 and 55€.

Properties of the stones of your box

Amethyst: excellent against anxieties. The best stone for the 7th chakra: intuition, meditation, concentration. Helps to untie certain psychic tensions, to strengthen the will and to find a calm sleep.

It neutralizes negative waves like rose quartz. Raised vibration.

Selenite: it is a stone that provides inner peace and an expansion of consciousness.

How to use the products in your box

We thought of you since on our blog you will find all the answers to your questions.

We have dedicated an entire article to our spiritual boxes.

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