Protection spiritual box

Protection spiritual box

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The one who is protected emerges unscathed from the most delicate and dangerous situations, while the one who is not is regularly struck by fatality. This process is similar to that of the immune system.

Even if we are faced with adverse circumstances and atmospheres, magnetized by our karma, our lineage, our unconscious acts, our uncontrolled thoughts and feelings, this immune system creates an impassable barrier for many attacks that come our way. Few people realize this reality, but everyone will agree that on earth, we all need protection. It is obvious.

Man/woman has to keep himself/herself in balance and then he/she brings the great protection towards him/her.

Quality handicrafts

Your spiritual protection box includes:
• 1 candle holder of your choice (value €10)
• 1 harmonising disk of your choice (value €9)
• 3 protective stones: labradorite, extra tiger's eye and extra black tourmaline (value €22)
• Protective salt (value €4.50)
• 1 protection ritual (value €5)

Value of the products of your box: 52,50€.

Properties of the stones in your box

Labradorite: it is one of the essential stones of protection against negative energies, because it creates an impassable barrier. Very useful for therapists. This stone protects on the mental level against negative thoughts, in particular against those of others who could disturb you.

Tiger's eye: it is a good protective stone to carry on oneself or to put in the corners of the house to repel negative energies.

Black tourmaline: protection against electromagnetic waves from television and computers, but also against people with negative influence. It discharges negativity from others, especially feelings of jealousy and envy. It is advisable to carry it on oneself, or to install it in the stones of dwelling, work or therapy which it protects from all harmful influences.

Choose your sacred geometry symbols

In order: Protection, Protection from harmful influences, Pentacle of protection

protectionprotection des influences nuisiblespentacle

How to use the products in your box

We thought of you since on our blog you will find all the answers to your questions.

We have dedicated an entire article to our spiritual boxes.

• How to use the symbols in your daily life
• How to use white sage to purify
• How to use the protection or purification salt
• How to use stones
• How to light a flame

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