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Round Energising Plate Mandala of Letting Go
  • Round Energising Plate Mandala of Letting Go
  • Round Energising Plate Mandala of Letting Go

Round Energising Plate Mandala of Letting Go

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Round glass energising plate

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Do you lack energy, vitality, self-confidence? Are you over stressed?

The benefits of energised water

Do you know that by drinking energised water you can transmit qualities and virtues to all the cells of your body to find balance, harmony, positive energy in all the areas of your life?

Words and images are vibrations. Einstein, Masaru Emoto and many others have scientifically proven the positive action of vibratory symbols. Thanks to the sacred geometry and the therapeutic effects of the colours of the mandalas, you will improve the energy status of water.

Here are the benefits reported by users of energised water:
• better vitality, reduced fatigue
• better hydration
• better sleep
• better immune system, fewer diseases
• improved endurance and recovery after exercise
• Satiety feeling reached faster

How to use your energising plate?

It's simple.

Put your water bottle on the energising plate for a few minutes. This water becomes alive. It is imbued with the virtues / energy of the chosen mandala.

By drinking this living water throughout the day, you transmit this energy to all your organs and the cells of your body in order to find well-being and harmony. Drinking energised water will help you feel better and be able to cope with the aggression of everyday life.

Other uses:

The energising plate can also be used to:
• energise your food, make it mature faster (we have tested!)
• bcut your food, cheese or bread (the plate is provided for this, it is resistant)
• offer an original and guaranteed effect to your guests when you come in the room with your beautiful and luminous plate on which you have deposited your chocolate cake!

How to choose your mandala?

We recommend that you choose your mandala according to your inspiration or depending on the virtue / energy you wish to develop in your life (eg concentration, joy, letting go, trust, etc.).


Avoid placing hot containers on the plates and put them in the dishwasher (rinse them by hand).
Glass plate printed by us.

Do you have questions?

• Does it really work?
• How can a design have an action on the energy plan?

Please have a look at our FAQ.


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  • Image utilisateur MONA S.
    Published Oct 17, 2022 at 07:03 pm (Order date: Oct 03, 2022)

    lack of information on the usefulness (Translated review)

    Merchant's answer

    Hola Mona, estamos muy sorprendidos por tu valoración de nuestros productos, sobre todo porque parece que te gustan. Además, hay una nota explicativa: 1) en cada hoja de artículo, 2) en la parte posterior de las placas dinamizadoras que le indica cómo utilizar sus productos. Y 3) en nuestro blog tenemos muchos artículos dedicados a los símbolos y su uso. Así que sí, creemos que es una pena que no te hayas tomado el tiempo de leer toda la información disponible.