Metatron's Cube pouch for stones
    • Metatron's Cube pouch for stones
    • Metatron's Cube pouch for stones
    • Metatron's Cube pouch for stones

    Metatron's Cube pouch for stones

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    Metatron's Cube velvet pouch for stone

    Choose your format: 8x10 cm

    Looking for an aesthetic and spiritual setting for your precious stones? Discover our velvet pouches decorated with the Metatron's Cube, carefully printed in France. Available in two practical sizes, 8x10 cm and 10x15 cm, these pouches are designed to offer optimal protection to your treasures while infusing them with unique spiritual energy.

    Quality protection for your precious stones

    Our velvet pouches are made from high quality materials, providing superior protection against scratches, bumps and everyday damages. Soft-touch velvet creates a safe and comfortable environment for your stones, while the printed Metatron's Cube adds a spiritual dimension to their preservation.

    French quality and authenticity

    For us, quality and authenticity are essential. This is why all our covers are carefully printed in France, guaranteeing high quality manufacturing and particular attention to every detail. By choosing our pouches, you are opting for an authentic product, designed with passion and expertise.

    Two practical sizes for all your needs

    Whether you need a small pouch for a special stone or a larger one for multiple stones, our two sizes give you the flexibility you need. The 8x10 cm format is ideal for smaller, delicate stones, while the 10x15 cm format is more suitable for larger stones or larger collections.

    Metatron's Cube: Symbol of protection and harmony

    The Metatron's Cube is an ancient sacred symbol, renowned for its ability to harmonize energies and offer spiritual protection. By choosing our pouches decorated with this sacred motif, you bring positive energy to your precious stones, while protecting them from harmful external influences.

    By opting for our velvet pouches with the Metatron's Cube, you offer much more than simple protection to your precious stones. You offer them a touch of elegance and spirituality that sets them apart. Whether for your personal use or as a gift to a dear friend, our pouches are a perfect choice for anyone who appreciates the beauty and meaning of stones.


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