Flower of Life pouch for stones
    • Flower of Life pouch for stones
    • Flower of Life pouch for stones
    • Flower of Life pouch for stones

    Flower of Life pouch for stones

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    Flower of Life velvet pouch for stone

    Choose your format: 8x10 cm

    Looking for an elegant and practical way to protect your gemstones while adding a spiritual touch? Discover our velvet pouches decorated with the Flower of Life, carefully printed in France. Available in two practical sizes, 8x10 cm and 10x15 cm, these pouches are the perfect choice for all lovers of stones and spirituality.

    Quality protection for your precious stones

    Our velvet pouches are made from high quality materials, providing effective protection against scratches, bumps and other potential damage. The soft-touch velvet creates a safe and comfortable environment for your stones, while the printed Flower of Life adds a spiritual dimension to their preservation.

    With us, every detail counts. This is why all our pouches are printed with love and care in France, guaranteeing superior quality and special attention to each step of the manufacturing process. We are proud to contribute to French craftsmanship and provide high quality products to our customers.

    Two practical sizes: mini or medium stone pouch

    Whether you need a small pouch to carry a special stone or a larger one for multiple stones, our two sizes give you the flexibility you need. The 8x10 cm format is ideal for smaller, delicate stones, while the 10x15 cm format is more suitable for larger stones or larger collections.

    A spiritual touch with the Flower of Life

    The Flower of Life is an ancient sacred symbol representing the interconnectedness of all life in the universe. By choosing our pouches decorated with this motif, you add a spiritual dimension to your lithotherapy practice. Whether you believe in its energetic power or simply appreciate it for its aesthetic beauty, the Flower of Life brings positive energy to your gemstones.

    By opting for our velvet pouches with the Flower of Life, you offer much more than simple protection to your precious stones. You offer them a touch of elegance and spirituality that sets them apart. Whether for your personal use or as a gift to a dear friend, our pouches are a perfect choice for anyone who appreciates the beauty and meaning of stones.


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