Flower of Life pouch for pendulum
    • Flower of Life pouch for pendulum
    • Flower of Life pouch for pendulum

    Flower of Life pouch for pendulum

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    Flower of Life velvet pouch for pendulum and stones


    The Flower of Life velvet pouch for pendulum is much more than a simple protective accessory. Precisely designed to meet the needs of spiritual practitioners, this pouch offers a perfect combination of functionality and sacred symbolism. Discover how this pouch can enrich your dowsing practice and protect your precious spiritual tools.

    Elegant protection for your pendulum and stones

    The Flower of Life pendulum velvet pouch measures 8x10 cm, providing an ideal size for most pendulums. Made with high quality soft velvet, it provides superior protection against scratches, bumps and dust. Its elegant design and printed Flower of Life pattern add a touch of beauty to your dowsing practice.

    This versatile pouch is not just limited to protecting clocks. Its compact size and sturdy design also make it perfect for carrying and protecting your small gems. Whether you are a healer, medium or spiritual seeker, this pouch will be a valuable addition to your arsenal of spiritual tools.

    Sacred symbolism of the Flower of Life

    The Flower of Life is an ancient symbol that represents the interconnectedness of all life in the universe. Its intricate geometric pattern is considered sacred in many cultures around the world. Wrapping your pendulum in this sacred pattern can amplify its energy and promote deep spiritual alignment during your dowsing sessions.

    Made with care in France

    Each velvet pouch for pendulum is carefully printed in France, guaranteeing exceptional artisanal quality. High quality materials are used to ensure maximum durability and protection for your valuable spiritual tools. By choosing this pouch, you are choosing a product designed with love and devotion for spiritual practice.

    The Flower of Life Pendulum Velvet Pouch is more than just a protective accessory - it is a symbol of spiritual connection and energetic protection. With its versatile size, elegant design, and sacred symbolism, this pouch is an ideal choice for spiritual practitioners concerned with the protection and harmony of their tools. Opt for this pouch and give your pendulum and your precious stones the protection and energy they deserve.


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