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5 Platonic solids in rock crystal
  • 5 Platonic solids in rock crystal

5 Platonic solids in rock crystal

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Kit of 5 Platonic solids in rock crystal


Platonic Solids come from Sacred Geometry

Genesis of life, they carry the synthesis of the Golden number and allow to reconnect to the intelligence of the Universe.

Each solid has a virtue, an influence of its own:

• Tetrahedron: with 4 faces, corresponds to the Fire element
• Hexahedron (or cube): with 6 faces, corresponds to the Earth element
• Octahedron: with 8 faces, corresponds to the Air element
• Dodecahedron: with 12 faces, corresponds to the element Ether
• Icosahedron: with 20 faces, corresponds to the Water element

Using Platonic Solids

The uses are many, we can mention:
• Reactivate cell consciousness
• Release cellular memories
• Increase the vibratory rate
• Treat electromagnetic pollution
• Energize the water
• Reharmonizing spaces

To learn more about the Platonic solids and their use, we have written a complete article on the subject.

Properties of rock crystal in therapy:

Rock crystal is the purest of hard stones, it heals by reharmonization. It is a universal stone for healing and personal development. An essential stone to have at home!

It helps to develop intuition and meditation (especially in a ball). When you place a crystal on the body, it will untie blocked energies.

If you have other stones, know that rock crystal goes well with colored stones because it reinforces their effects while combining them with its own.

A cluster of crystals produces a strong energy field in your home (even better if you combine them with an amethyst).

And finally the rock crystal helps you in the areas of purification, clarification, orientation and concentration.

Characteristics :

The 5 Platonic solids are delivered in a black velvet pouch.
Size of solids: about 20 mm
Stone quality: AA (very good quality)
Origin: India


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Platonic solids
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  • ico_user.png Jacqueline V. flag-fr.png
    Published Oct 01, 2022 at 03:02 am (Order date: Sep 21, 2022)

    The Solids, are beautifully cut in rock crystal, presented in a storage pouch, conforming to the polyhedra of the waveforms. (Translated review)