7 rock crystal platonic solids
    • 7 rock crystal platonic solids
    • 7 rock crystal platonic solids
    • 7 rock crystal platonic solids
    • 7 rock crystal platonic solids
    • 7 rock crystal platonic solids

    7 rock crystal platonic solids

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    Box of 7 Platonic solids in rock crystal

    Model: Rectangular

    Whether you are a therapist, a Reiki practitioner or an individual, this set of sacred geometry in rock crystal will accompany you on a daily basis.

    Platonic Solids come from Sacred Geometry

    Genesis of life, they carry the synthesis of the Golden number and allow to reconnect to the intelligence of the Universe.

    Each solid has a virtue, an influence of its own:

    • Tetrahedron: with 4 faces, corresponds to the Fire element
    • Hexahedron (or cube): with 6 faces, corresponds to the Earth element
    • Octahedron: with 8 faces, corresponds to the Air element
    • Dodecahedron: with 12 faces, corresponds to the element Ether
    • Icosahedron: with 20 faces, corresponds to the Water element

    The solid sphere

    The sphere is really the perfect volume.

    The sphere radiates and harmonizes the space around it up to a distance proportional to its size. The use of a crystal sphere as a reharmonizer is very common in Feng Shui and geobiology. It is a good tool to restore a good vibratory rate.

    The Merkaba

    The Merkaba is composed of two tetrahedrons. It is for this reason that it is called the tetrahedral star.

    A Merkaba shaped crystal is an effective tool that can be used in a variety of ways to help you reach your full potential.

    Used in meditation, a Merkaba-shaped crystal allows you to experience expanded consciousness, connects you with your higher self, and helps you experience higher states of consciousness.

    Learn more about the Merkaba.

    Using Platonic Solids

    The uses are many, we can mention:
    • Reactivate cell consciousness
    • Release cellular memories
    • Increase the vibratory rate
    • Treat electromagnetic pollution
    • Energize the water
    • Reharmonizing spaces

    To learn more about the Platonic solids and their use, we have written a complete article on the subject.

    How to Place the Platonic Solids on Your Crystal Grid

    To intensify your work with the Platonic solids, the sphere and the Merkaba, you can create a crystal grid using the Metatron's Cube Harmonizing Mat or the Metatron's Cube Energizing Tray (several colors to choose from).

    We recommend that you place your crystals as follows :

    Platonic solids and Metatron's Cube

    Characteristics :

    This box contains the 5 Platonic solids as well as the sphere and the Merkaba. All the elements are in rock crystal.

    Stone quality: AA (very good quality)

    The solids are presented on an indigo Metatron's Cube mouse pad (diameter 19 cm); the mouse pad is not delivered with the kit :-)


    Data sheet

    Platonic solids
    1.5 to 2 cm
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      Published Apr 15, 2023 at 02:21 pm (Order date: Apr 03, 2023)

      Conforming product (Translated review)

    • ico_user.png María Teresa B. flag-es.png
      Published Mar 13, 2023 at 03:26 pm (Order date: Feb 22, 2023)

      Comes in a box. All very well placed. (Translated review)

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      Published Oct 28, 2022 at 05:16 pm (Order date: Sep 23, 2022)

      Neat and complete article for a reasonable price. And always valuable explanations on their use. (Translated review)

    • ico_user.png Jacqueline V. flag-fr.png
      Published Oct 01, 2022 at 03:30 am (Order date: Sep 21, 2022)

      WAOUH!!! Presented in a beautiful wooden case, it is a marvel!!! All the solids are carefully packed one by one and positioned each in a place reserved for each polyhedron. The crystals are beautiful, a great gift to give! (Translated review)

    • ico_user.png Marie-Laure D. flag-fr.png
      Published Sep 23, 2022 at 08:56 pm (Order date: Sep 11, 2022)

      small but very good (Translated review)