Pentacle Pencil holder
    • Pentacle Pencil holder

    Pentacle Pencil holder

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    Pentacle Ceramic pencil holder


    Are you tired of seeing all your pencils and accessories scattered all over the house?

    We all need to find our stuff to be better organised and more efficient.

    The big “plus” of this very bright and original pencil pot is that it will radiate its beautiful energy in your space (office, kitchen or other).

    What is the Pentacle?

    A pentacle is a five-pointed star (pentagram) inscribed in a circle.

    Symbolically, each of the branches of the pentacle corresponds to an element: water, earth, fire, air and spirit. The circle symbolises infinity and the link that unites all parts of the living. Using a pentacle therefore allows you to feel connected with the universe, as well as to recognize the forces of nature.

    The upright pentagram is a symbol of the accomplished man who has awakened his 5 senses and who lives in harmony with his real being. This is why it is important to use it with the tip of the head up.

    Symbol of life and protection, it can be used as a talisman.

    A help with the concentration

    You can also focus on your symbol for a few moments. By focusing on it you will attract to you the corresponding energy by the law of attraction and affinity. It will be a precious help to refocus, to recover calm inside you. It will allow you to be more efficient in the tasks you have to perform.

    Other uses:

    • Empty pockets
    • Small vase
    • Accessory to put the kitchen utensils

    Its brightness and robustness make of it a quickly essential object.

    The interior of the pencil holder is black. The pencil holder is delivered in a plastic box. An ideal gift to please.


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    9.5 cm
    8.2 cm
    320 g