Heart-shaped blue evil eye
    • Heart-shaped blue evil eye
    • Heart-shaped blue evil eye
    • Heart-shaped blue evil eye
    • Heart-shaped blue evil eye

    Heart-shaped blue evil eye

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    Glass blue evil eye heart-shape


    Are you looking for a symbol of protection and love that combines beauty and deep meaning? Do not look any further ! Discover our exceptional heart-shaped blue evil eye, an amulet that embodies the beauty, tradition and power of love. Let us guide you through this coin's unique features, its captivating history, and the benefits it can bring to your life.

    Heart-shaped glass blue evil eye: an iconic amulet

    Our heart-shaped blue evil eye is more than just a piece of jewelry - it's a true work of art. Its exquisite heart shape, deep blue glass and carefully crafted details make it a piece of jewelry that catches eyes and inspires admiration. Each piece is meticulously crafted by Turkish glass artisans to ensure exceptional quality and breathtaking aesthetics.

    Outstanding Features

    Our blue heart-shaped evil eye has features that make it unique and valuable:

    • Heart Shape: The heart shape evokes the deep feeling of love and affection, making it an ideal gift for a loved one.

    • Deep blue glass: The deep blue color of the eye symbolizes serenity and protection against the evil eye.

    • Delicate Details: Subtle details add a touch of sophistication and beauty to this amulet.

    • Perfect size: With ideal dimensions, you can hang it wherever you want.

    • Artisanal creation: each talisman is handcrafted by glass artisans in Turkey.

    History and meaning

    The blue heart-shaped evil eye is inspired by the rich tradition of the Turkish eye, also known as "nazar boncuk". This amulet has been used for centuries in many cultures to protect against the evil eye and negative energies. The Turkish eye was created to deflect these harmful influences and to bring protection, luck, happiness and love to those who possess it.

    The symbolism of the heart

    The heart is one of the most powerful and universal symbols in the world, and it carries many deep meanings and symbolisms across cultures and times. Here are some of the most common symbolisms associated with the heart:

    • Love and Passion: The heart is generally considered to be the symbol of love, affection and deep emotions. It represents romantic love, family love, friendship love and even self-love. He embodies the inner fire that animates our desires and aspirations.

    • Compassion: The heart also symbolizes compassion, kindness and concern for others. It is a symbol of generosity and kindness.

    • Life: The heart is the symbol of life, vitality and dynamism. It represents the source of life and the driving force of our existence.

    • Emotion: The heart is associated with all kinds of emotions, whether positive (joy, happiness, love) or negative (sadness, sorrow, pain). It is the seat of our deepest emotions.

    • Spirituality: In many spiritual traditions, the heart is considered the seat of the soul and consciousness. It represents the quest for enlightenment and spiritual understanding.

    • Balance and unity: The shape of the heart, with its almost perfect symmetry, symbolizes harmony, balance and unity. It is a reminder that love and harmony are essential elements of life.

    • Protection: The heart can also be seen as a symbol of protection, particularly when used in combination with other amulets or talismans such as the blue eye. It can be used as an amulet for protection against negative energies.

    Don't miss the opportunity to acquire this exceptional blue evil eye. Whether for yourself or as a special gift, this unique amulet is an investment in beauty, tradition and protection. Order yours today and enjoy the luck and beauty it brings to your life.


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    Nazar Boncuk
    5.5 cm
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    Made in Turkey