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Golden round blue evil eye
  • Golden round blue evil eye
  • Golden round blue evil eye
  • Golden round blue evil eye
  • Golden round blue evil eye
  • Golden round blue evil eye

Golden round blue evil eye

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Glass golden round blue evil eye


Are you looking for a unique and meaningful piece to add a touch of elegance to your life while protecting you against negative energies? Do not look any further ! Discover our beautiful round blue evil eye in gold glass, an iconic amulet that embodies beauty, tradition and protection. Let us guide you through this coin's exceptional features, its rich history, and the benefits it can bring to your everyday life.

The round blue evil eye in glass

Our round gold glass blue evil eye is much more than just an amulet - it is a work of art in its own right. Its perfect shape, deep blue glass and exquisite gold details make it a talisman that attracts attention and arouses admiration. Each piece is carefully crafted by Turkish glassmakers to ensure exceptional quality and breathtaking aesthetics.

Outstanding Features

Our round gold glass blue evil eye has features that make it unique and valuable:

• Deep blue lens: The deep blue color of the iris of the eye evokes serenity and protection against the evil eye.

• Elegant gold details: Gold finishes add a touch of sophistication and luxury to this amulet.

• Perfect size: With ideal dimensions, you can hang it anywhere you want in your home for a refined decoration.

• Artisanal creation: each talisman is handcrafted by glass artisans in Turkey.

History and meaning

The round blue evil eye made of golden glass has its origins in the ancient tradition of the Turkish eye, also known as "nazar boncuk". This amulet has been used for centuries in many cultures to protect against the evil eye and negative energies. The Turkish eye was created to deflect these harmful influences and to bring luck, happiness and serenity to those who possess it.

The advantages of the round blue evil eye

The round blue evil eye in gold glass offers many advantages:

• Protection: It acts as a powerful talisman against the evil eye, thus protecting you from negative energies.

• Decoration: Hang it in your home or office to add an aesthetic touch while benefiting from its protection.

• Meaningful gift: Give it to a loved one to express your wish for protection and happiness.

Don't miss the opportunity to acquire this exceptional round gold glass blue evil eye. Whether for yourself or as a special gift, this unique amulet is an investment in beauty, tradition and protection. Order yours today and enjoy the luck and beauty it brings to your life.

Where to hang your blue evil eye amulet?

The round glass blue evil eye is a traditional amulet that can be hung in various locations depending on your intention and preference. Here are some popular places you can hang it:

• At home: Hanging the glass blue evil eye in your home is the most common option. You can place it near the front door to protect your home and the people who live there. It can also be hung in the living room, bedroom or any room where you spend a lot of time.

• In the window: Hanging the amulet in a window is another popular option. This allows sunlight to shine through the blue evil eye, creating a play of light and color in the room while adding protection.

• Above the crib or bed: If you have a baby, you can hang the blue evil eye above their crib or bed to protect them from the evil eye and negative energies.

• In the office: If you work in an office or from home, you can hang the blue evil eye near your workspace to protect you from negative influences and promote a positive atmosphere.

• In the car: Some people also choose to hang their blue evil eye amulet in their car for protection while traveling.

• As an event decoration: You can also use the blue evil eye as a decoration during special events, such as weddings, baptisms or parties, to provide symbolic protection and add an aesthetic touch.

Ultimately, where you hang your blue evil eye depends on your personal preference and the meaning you want to ascribe to it. The main thing is to place it in a place where it can give you a feeling of protection and tranquility.


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Nazar Boncuk
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