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    Tree of Life Mug


    Do you have trouble emerging in the morning?

    Do you need to breathe and have an invigorating break at work?

    So imagine, you hold in your hands much more than a mug or a cup. This sensation provided by a symbol inspired by nature itself will lead you to well-being.

    Its bright radiance will give you the energy to start the day in a good mood. All our symbols are a source of inspiration for focusing on positive energies.

    The benefits of energised water

    In the symbol, the sacred geometry associated with the colours will help you to take benefit from your tea or coffee break. Indeed, as Japanese professor Masaru Emoto has shown in his researches, words, like images, influence water and liquids in general.

    We are made of 70% of water. Since water quality improves or deteriorates according to the information it receives, it is fundamentally important to receive good information.

    The symbol will communicate its beautiful positive energies to your drink and so your whole body and your being will get benefit of it.

    Here are the benefits reported by users of energized water:
    • better vitality, reduced fatigue
    • better hydration
    • better sleep
    • better immune system, fewer diseases
    • improved endurance and recovery after exercise
    • Satiety feeling reached faster

    You can also concentrate a few moments on your symbol. By focusing on it you will attract to you the corresponding energy by the law of attraction and affinity.

    What does the Tree of Life represent ?

    The tree of life is a universal and timeless sacred symbol. It symbolises the force of life and its origins, the totality of the worlds, the whole cosmos.

    Symbol of harmony and balance, strength and growth, rebirth, it is linked to life but also to wisdom. It indicates the path to mastery of thought and opens the path to the past (the roots), the present (the trunk) and the future (the branches).

    From a symbolic point of view, man is similar to a tree. He is the creative man because he unites heaven and earth. He invites you to take charge of your life.

    By focusing on the tree of life in you and making it alive in all of your activities, you put order and allow the great cycle of evolution to act to transform everything.

    Why offer a personalized Tree of Life mug?

    The Tree of Life mug is always a great gift idea because the Tree of Life is a timeless symbol that speaks to everyone. It is a gift idea at a low price and which always has its effect.

    It will become personalized by the simple fact that you have chosen this symbol specially from our huge range of sacred geometry symbols!

    What is the material of the Tree of Life mug?

    Our cups and mugs are made of ceramic.

    Cups and mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe. Their coating is perfectly adapted to it. However, if you want to enjoy your items for as long as possible, we recommend cleaning by hand.

    The mug is printed panoramically and the symbol is printed on each side.

    Do you have questions?

    • Does it really work?
    • How can a design have an action on the energy plan?

    Please have a look at our FAQ.


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    Tree of Life
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      Published Jan 06, 2024 at 04:37 pm (Order date: Dec 18, 2023)

      Beautiful mug and beautiful colors ! (Translated review)