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Tetragrammaton mouse pad
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Tetragrammaton mouse pad

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Tetragrammaton mouse pad


The Pentacle Tetragrammaton mouse pad is much more than an ordinary computer accessory; it's a symbol of spiritual power and connection with divine energies. This unique mouse pad is adorned with the Tetragrammaton Pentacle, a sacred symbol imbued with profound meanings for centuries. Crafted with care and precision, this mouse pad not only provides comfortable support for your mouse, but also adds a spiritual dimension to your workspace.

Meaning of the Tetragrammaton Pentacle

The Tetragrammaton is a sacred symbol representing the name of God in Hebrew tradition. It's made up of the four Hebrew letters Yod, He, Vav, He, forming the Tetragrammaton, encapsulated in a pentacle. This symbol is used in esoteric and magical practices to invoke divine energies, promote protection and harmony, and foster spiritual connection.

The Tetragrammaton Pentacle is a deeply meaningful symbol, imbued with mystery and spirituality. Composed of the four Hebrew letters Yod, He, Vav, He, which form the sacred name of God in Hebrew tradition, the Tetragrammaton, this pentacle embodies the very essence of divinity and creation.

Four-letter meaning:

Yod (יהוה): This first letter of the Tetragrammaton represents divine consciousness, the primordial source of all existence. It is associated with the creation and manifestation of the universe.

He (ה): The second letter, repeated twice in the Tetragrammaton, symbolizes God's presence in the material world. It evokes divine immanence and the revelation of divinity in nature.

Vav (ו): This third letter of the Tetragrammaton represents the connection between heaven and earth, the union between the divine and the human. It also symbolizes strength and stability.

He (ה): The last letter of the Tetragrammaton, identical to the second letter, underlines God's eternal and unchanging aspect, as well as his constant presence in the world.

Add a spiritual touch to your workspace

As well as providing a practical support for your computer mouse, the Pentacle Tetragrammaton mouse pad can also serve as a constant reminder of your spiritual connection and higher intentions while you work at your computer. It can also be used in meditative practices to strengthen your focus and connection with divine energies.

Whether you're a spiritual practitioner or simply looking for a sacred presence in your work environment, the Pentacle Tetragrammaton mouse pad is a perfect choice. Treat yourself to this unique mouse pad to add a touch of spirituality to your daily routine and elevate your computing experience to a higher level of awareness and spiritual connection.


Material: High-quality, durable fabric with non-slip rubber base
Dimensions: 20 cm
Use: Perfect for everyday use with your computer mouse, offering a smooth, precise surface for comfortable navigation.
Manufacturing: Printed with care in our workshop in France, combining handcrafted quality and spiritual symbolism.


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20 cm