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Seal of Solomon indigo mouse pad
  • Seal of Solomon indigo mouse pad

Seal of Solomon indigo mouse pad

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Seal of Solomon indigo mouse pad


When we are at work we tend to be distracted by our environment or our colleagues. We jump quickly from one task to another, we often have trouble concentrating.

Does it happen to you regularly? This is even more the case for children when they have to do their homework for example.

The benefits of sacred symbols

Our mousepads are more than just mousepads.

All our symbols are a source of inspiration for focusing on positive energies. In each symbol, the sacred geometry associated with the benefits of chromotherapy will help you in your daily life thanks to its natural radiance of positive energies.

A help with the concentration

You can also focus on your mandala or symbol for a few moments. By focusing on it you will attract to you the corresponding energy by the law of attraction and affinity. The mandala will be a precious help to refocus, to recover calm inside you. It will allow you to be more efficient in the tasks you have to perform.

To energise the water

You can also use your mousepad to put your water bottle for a few moments. The mandala will communicate its beautiful positive energies to your drink and so your whole body and your being will get benefit of it.

Drinking energised water will help you feel better and be able to cope with the aggression of everyday life.

Here are the benefits reported by users of energised water:
• better vitality, reduced fatigue
• better hydration
• better sleep
• better immune system, fewer diseases
• improved endurance and recovery after exercise
• Satiety feeling reached faster

What is the Seal of Solomon?

The Seal of Solomon, also called hexagram or Star of David, is a symbol of sacred geometry represented by a six-pointed star formed of two superimposed triangles, one pointing up, the other pointing down.

Symbol of harmony, balance and the heart chakra, the hexagram is a two-dimensional representation of a tetrahedral star also called the Merkaba.

Symbol of protection par excellence, it is complementary to the pentagram. Traditionally, the pentagram symbolically represents the microcosm, Man (and its five extremities), while the hexagram symbolically represents the macrocosm, the World.

It reminds us that as above, so below.


Do you have questions?

• Does it really work?
• How can a design have an action on the energy plan?

Please have a look at our FAQ.


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Seal of Solomon