Lotus Flower with sparks round mouse pad
    • Lotus Flower with sparks round mouse pad
    • Lotus Flower with sparks round mouse pad

    Lotus Flower with sparks round mouse pad

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    Textile mouse pad with Lotus Flower with sparks


    When we are at work we tend to be distracted by our environment or our colleagues. We jump quickly from one task to another, we often have trouble concentrating.

    Does it happen to you regularly? This is even more the case for children when they have to do their homework for example.

    The benefits of Lotus Flower and sacred symbols

    Our mousepads are more than just mousepads.

    All our symbols are a source of inspiration for focusing on positive energies. In each symbol, the sacred geometry associated with the benefits of chromotherapy will help you in your daily life thanks to its natural radiance of positive energies.

    A help with the concentration

    You can also focus on your mandala or symbol for a few moments. By focusing on it you will attract to you the corresponding energy by the law of attraction and affinity. The mandala will be a precious help to refocus, to recover calm inside you. It will allow you to be more efficient in the tasks you have to perform.

    About the Lotus Flower symbol

    The Lotus Flower embodies a rich and profound symbolism, transcending cultural and temporal boundaries. It emerges from the murky waters to reveal its pristine beauty, symbolizing purity and spiritual growth beyond life's obstacles. Associated with rebirth and enlightenment, it offers a constant reminder of the possibility of transcending challenges to achieve inner beauty and peace. The Lotus Flower is thus much more than a simple flower; it is a universal symbol of resilience, personal evolution and the quest for spiritual enlightenment.

    Zen Lotus Flower

    The symbol of the lotus flower is the Zen symbol par excellence.

    Place your Lotus Flower candle holder in your space and relax.


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