Flower of Life towel
    • Flower of Life towel
    • Flower of Life towel

    Flower of Life towel

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    Microfiber towel 70x140 cm Flower of Life


    Flower of Life Bath Towel

    Recharge your batteries at the beach or at home with the Fleur de Vie towel. Incredibly soft, take this unique microfiber towel with you everywhere.

    It will slip easily into your beach bag and you can take it everywhere with you and enjoy the beautiful vibrations of the Flower of Life to rest and regain strength.

    The Flower of Life is a sacred geometric figure represented by several circles which overlap and intersect. This symbol is considered sacred through many traditions around the world. Inside this symbol we find all the constructions of the universe.

    The Flower of Life represents our deep interconnection with nature, the universe and everything around us. We are deeply connected to each other and to our divine creator, whose energy arises in beautiful yet simple examples, as in the Flower of Life complex, and underpins the blueprint of all existence.

    The Flower of Life is not just a beautiful symbol; it also has powerful healing and regenerative energy. To harness this energy in your own life, a simple and very effective way to do so is to lie down on your towel and enjoy this moment of relaxation. You can also harness its power by meditating on this symbol daily.

    Massage table towel

    Thanks to the high resistance of the dye, this towel is ideal for the beach as well as for other uses such as:

    Support for treatment and massage tables: provide a gentle cleansing of the energetic body. Their high vibrational frequencies support healing and relaxation.

    Protection: protects against any stagnant energies that may persist on the treatment tables; the bath towel does not need to be in direct contact with the skin, it can be placed under the support covering the treatment table.

    For yoga: placed on the yoga mat, this towel supports relaxation and allows a more intense and deeper practice of body and breathing exercises.

    To promote and improve sleep: put the towel on your mattress to promote restful sleep.

    This symbol is especially important for people who work as holistic healers or practitioners in energy fields. By putting the Flower of Life Towel on your massage table, you can change the vibrations and also influence the healing process of your clients.

    Whether you work as a healer or not, the power of this symbol can be a powerful catalyst for transformation and a reminder of the profound splendors of life.


    Dimensions: 70x140cm

    Composition: microfiber on the top, 100% white cotton on the reverse (Oeko-Tex fabric). 400gsm

    Our towels are very suitable for people with sensitive skin.

    Our printed napkins are:
    • Respectful of the environment.
    • Absorb more and faster water.
    • 3 times faster drying
    • Special weaving technology keeps curls strong and stable.
    • The colours cover 4 to 5 parameters for sun resistance.


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    Flower of life
    Microfiber / cotton
    70 x 140 cm
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    • ico_user.png Ulrich H. flag-fr.png
      Published Aug 04, 2023 at 05:31 pm (Order date: Jul 28, 2023)

      Well printed pattern. The reverse side is white. Pleasant to the touch. To be seen after washing. (Translated review)