Amethyst Merkaba pendant
    • Amethyst Merkaba pendant

    Amethyst Merkaba pendant

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    Amethyst Merkaba pendant


    The Merkaba pendant is a powerful transmitter that has special healing and protective influences.

    The Merkaba pendant, as the name suggests, is worn around the neck but preferably with a long chain or cord as it should sit just above your solar plexus.

    Some indicate that you should not wear your Merkaba pendant constantly but only between 5 and 25 minutes 2 times a day. We recommend that you listen to your feelings and if you feel that the vibrations are too strong, remove your pendant.

    Prioritize the times when you feel a little less well and those when you will be in contact with a negative environment or people.

    Like any piece of jewelry, and even more so stone jewelry, your pendant is a personal item and should never be touched or worn by other people. If this were to happen, the only solution would be to carry out a purification, either with coarse salt or with a harmonizing disc Flower of Life or Cube of Metatron (preferably because this avoids damaging your crystal and its fixing).

    Properties of amethyst in therapy:

    Amethyst is an excellent stone against anxieties and the best stone for the 7th chakra: intuition, meditation and concentration.

    It is also used against certain headaches and it helps to untie certain psychic tensions, to strengthen the will and to find a calm sleep. You can also place your Merkaba pendant under your pillow at night.

    It neutralizes negative waves like rose quartz. It helps you raise your vibration and provides relaxation and peace (more effective than rock crystal).

    Characteristics :

    Size: about 2cm
    Sold without cord.
    Fixing in silver metal.
    Crystal quality: AA (very good quality)
    Origin: India


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