Kit of magnets "7 chakras"

Kit of magnets "7 chakras" Flower of Life

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Kit of "7 chakras" flexible magnets with the colours of the Flower of Life.

We all have magnets on our fridge door as a souvenir of our holidays, or ultra-ugly advertising magnets that serve us well to hold the pizza dealer's flyer or the week's schedule.

Have you thought about the time we spend in our kitchen to simmer dishes or other?

This little accessory will quickly make the difference! Not only will it brighten your fridge door but especially yourselve when you put your eyes on it! Its radiance and its beautiful energy will give you a smile on all occasions.

The benefits of the mandalas and sacred symbols

All our symbols are a source of inspiration for focusing on positive energies. In each mandala, the sacred geometry associated with the benefits of chromotherapy will help you in your daily life thanks to its natural radiance of beautiful energies.

How to choose your symbol?

We recommend that you choose your mandala according to your inspiration or depending on the virtue / energy you wish to develop in your life (eg concentration, joy, letting go, trust, etc.).

We have also developed a range of Flowers of Life in the colours of the 7 chakras as well as other colours. This will also allow you to re-harmonise your energy centers according to the chosen colour.

Special tip:

Even if other supports are much more adapted (especially because of their size and material), at the office you can, for example, discreetly place your water bottle on your flexible magnet to energise your water.

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