Pentacle Keychain
    • Pentacle Keychain

    Pentacle Keychain

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    Pentacle acrylic keychain


    Do you usually spend much time to pick up your car or house keys at the bottom of your handbag?

    It's annoying, isn’t it? We always have the impression to have lost our keys.

    Let's stop pulling ahead!

    This Pentacle keychain will not only allow you to find your keys more easily but it will also act as a lucky talisman that we always carry on us.

    Through the ages, mandalas have been used to release their creative energy and to focus on positive thoughts. Each mandala vibrates at its own frequency and releases specific energies such as protection, letting go, trust ...

    Choose your symbol according to your inspiration. This is how you will get the best results!

    The keychain is made of acrylic which is more resistant than plastic (and thus it will better prevent from scratches). The keychain also exists with other colours and symbols.


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    3.3 cm