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7-chakra stone incense holder (long)

7-chakra stone incense holder (long)

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Purify your home from negative energies

Whether with sage or incense, it is often necessary to purify your home, living or working space (for therapists, for example).

Purify your home:
• If you have just moved in
• When the atmosphere seems heavy to you,
• After the death of a loved one,
• Following a separation or divorce,
• If you have nightmares,
• If you are an insomniac.

Choose the living environment, the writings, the symbols, the sounds, the beings, the objects, the thoughts, the activities with which you want to live to inspire you, to surround you, and to protect you.

Create a zen atmosphere at home

Our incense holders and incense burners are original. Sandstone will add a modern touch and fit more easily into contemporary spaces.

Then, choose your incense with care and favour natural incense.

As you burn incense, focus on sacred geometry symbols to intensify the work of purifying your space.

Then, you will:
• To be able to create a unique sanctuary for your rituals and ceremonies
• Release a sweet scent
• Promote Feng Shui in your space
• Keep negative energies away
• Promote your concentration and inner strength

What are Indian chakras?

For Hindus, the "chakras" ("wheels" in Sanskrit) are our energy centers. They are the basis of Ayurvedic medicine, five thousand years old. Ancient texts speak make reference to 88,000 chakras distributed over the whole body. But they count seven major ones, located along a line that follows the path of the spine.

Each chakra is closely related to the path of the endocrine system controlling and regulating the whole organism.

Working on the chakras allows to awaken a circulation of energies which will have a beneficial action on the physical, moral and spiritual level.


Stoneware incense holder, digital printing.
Handcrafted in India.
25 x 5 cm

360 g

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25 cm
5 cm
7 chakras

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