Flower of Life moon phases purple Harmonising Mat
    • Flower of Life moon phases purple Harmonising Mat
    • Flower of Life moon phases purple Harmonising Mat
    • Flower of Life moon phases purple Harmonising Mat

    Flower of Life moon phases purple Harmonising Mat

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    Flower of Life moon phases purple Harmonising Mat


    For all those who want to meditate and who have trouble concentrating

    I know a lot of people have a hard time with this practice… and I understand them!

    Imagining that you are going to have to stay still and focus on one thing for long minutes can be an ordeal!

    At first it is thought that confused and omnipresent thoughts are a problem in meditating. On the contrary, we must begin by realizing the acute turmoil that is taking place up there. It's a good start!

    But now imagine yourself sitting on your Flower of Life harmonising mat.

    Flower of Life harmonising mat

    You are going to place your attention on the symbol you are standing on and you are going to radiate it within you.

    Symbols of sacred geometry are very powerful. Your harmonising mat will be a precious help in refocusing you, in bringing calm inside you.

    And thanks to the effects of chromotherapy, you will be able to re-harmonise your energy centers to find inner calm, stability, inner peace, and well-being.

    Tomorrow you will be able to place the harmonising mat on your meditation bench, or your mat, or just on the floor because it is non-slip.

    In 1 week you will start to become aware of:
    • Your improved attention ability
    • Your clearer thoughts

    In 1 month you will be amazed that the time has passed so quickly during your practice. You will be much more focused and this will ripple through all aspects of your life. You will be less subject to destabilising atmospheres, and you will be more efficient in all your projects.

    Use the Flower of Life moon phases harmonising mat for your rituals

    The symbols of sacred geometry constantly emit a re-harmonising radiance that supports your general balance.

    Full Moon Rituals and New Moon Rituals are prime times to manifest your goals, release inner turmoil, fulfill dreams, and initiate magic!

    Creating rituals around the energy of the Moon has been an ancient tradition in all cultures for millennia to help us connect with Spirit, a sense of divinity embodied by the Moon.

    You can use the harmonizing mat as a base for your rituals.

    You can also use it as a card or tarot mat.

    flower of lige moon phases mat

    Other uses of the Flower of Life harmonising mat

    Use your mat as a large mouse pad, or simply put it on your desk.
    Place it on your bedside table (or nearby if you're too sensitive to its vibrations).
    Put your plants on it to reboost them.
    Take it everywhere with you for your meditation.
    Be creative!

    About the Flower of Life

    The Flower of Life is a sacred geometric figure represented by several circles that overlap and intersect. The symbol of the Flower of Life is considered to be sacred through many traditions around the world. Inside this symbol we find all the constructions of the universe.

    Its shape brings us harmony and balance. The Flower of Life helps to raise the vibratory rate and amplifies your power of creation.

    Characteristics :

    Soft rubber mat 39x26 cm, textile surface.
    Thickness 1.5mm.
    Created and printed by us.

    Each mat is carefully packaged in a durable transparent case that you can take with you wherever you go.

    Do you have questions?

    • Does it really work?
    • How can a design have an action on the energy plan?

    Please have a look at our FAQ.


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