Triple Decagon harmonising disk
    • Triple Decagon harmonising disk
    • Triple Decagon harmonising disk

    Triple Decagon harmonising disk

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    Triple decagon wooden harmonising disk


    Do you lack energy, vitality, self-confidence? Are you over stressed?

    The benefits of energised water

    Do you know that by drinking energised water you can transmit qualities and virtues to all the cells of your body to find balance, harmony, positive energy in all the areas of your life?

    Words and images are vibrations. Einstein, Masaru Emoto and many others have scientifically proven the positive action of vibratory symbols. Thanks to the sacred geometry of the Seal of the 7 Archangels you will improve the energy status of water.

    Here are the benefits reported by users of energised water:
    • better vitality, reduced fatigue
    • better hydration
    • better sleep
    • better immune system, fewer diseases
    • improved endurance and recovery after exercise
    • Satiety feeling reached faster

    How to use your harmonising disk

    It's simple.

    Imagine putting your water bottle on the harmonising disk for a few minutes. This water becomes alive. It is imbued with the energy of the symbol.

    By drinking this living water throughout the day, you transmit this energy to all your organs and the cells of your body in order to find well-being and harmony. Drinking energised water will help you feel better and be able to cope with the aggression of everyday life.

    Clean and recharge your minerals easily and efficiently

    No more hassle to know when is the next full moon! In addition the purification method varies depending on the stones and it is often difficult to navigate and especially to remember. Exit incense, water, salt or other method. With wavelenght forms, you no longer have to ask yourself these questions. You simply put your stones on your symbol of sacred geometry and let act! Your stones will clean and recharge by themselves.

    The time required to clean and recharge varies depending on the unloading status of your minerals. The easiest way is to leave them on the wavelenght form at night and recover them in the morning when you wake up. Listen to your feelings.

    Harmonise your living or working space

    By placing the disk in your living or working space, it will radiate its beautiful energy.

    What is the Decagon ?

    A decagon, a polygon with ten sides and ten interior angles is an aesthetic and balanced symbol.

    The number 10, which was sacred to the Pythagoreans, symbolizes the realization of unity, the totality of the universe. The number 10 is man united with the totality of the universe.

    Used in Dowsing, Radionics, Geobiology, Reiki and even in Yoga (for meditation), the decagon is a sacred form which has amazing properties.

    Its field of application is multiple and it is used for:

    • protection, purification, healing
    • increase the vibratory rate of objects, places, people
    • increase the properties and effectiveness of a remedy, a plant, an elixir, a stone, a crystal
    • make wishes and wishes come true
    • to help another person remotely.

    The double or triple decagon reinforces the desired actions.

    In practice, orient the decagon tray towards the north and place the object to be energized in the center.


    Do you have questions?

    • Does it really work?
    • How can a design have an action on the energy plan?

    Please have a look at our FAQ.


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