Seal of Solomon crystal Suncatcher
    • Seal of Solomon crystal Suncatcher
    • Seal of Solomon crystal Suncatcher

    Seal of Solomon crystal Suncatcher

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    Seal of Solomon Suncatcher

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    Friday evening.

    The week ends, you are exhausted. You sit on your sofa but find it hard to relax. You step out on the balcony or at your window for a few moments and smell the evening air. And yet it's all the brooding thoughts of your week that come galloping back into your head. It's hard to clear your mind ...

    Saturday morning, after a not very restful night, you let your eyes glide towards the rays of light which flood your room. The sun is back. And through the prism of the suncatcher, rays of happiness and joy of life flow into your room.

    The Suncatcher by receiving sunlight will help dissolve all the bad energies accumulated, thus allowing a re-harmonisation of the space.

    The Seal of Solomon Suncatcher to dissolve negative energies

    So if you’re fed up with the heavy atmospheres in your home, place a Tree of Life Suncatcher on your curtain rod or near a window. The important thing is that the sun's rays can pass through the prism.

    The origin of the light we see is the sun, its rays reach us like little wagons that transport through space the elements necessary for the life and growth of plants, animals and humans.

    The sunlight is still pure. No one can contaminate it.

    By going through the Seal of Solomon suncatcher, this radiance is amplified by the structure of sacred geometry symbols.

    The Seal of Solomon Suncatcher to harmonise your space

    The ray goes down inside the prism and gives the 7 colours. When sunlight passes through a prism, it breaks down into 7 colours that are reflected in the rainbow.

    Each colour has a strength, a quality, an intelligence which, when united with the man / woman, can bring perfection.

    • Red brings dynamism.
    • Orange brings interiority.
    • Yellow shines and brings subtlety.
    • Green makes energies grow, it develops things, brings growth.
    • Blue brings peace, expands, opens the doors to infinity.
    • Indigo structures, organises, brings order and brings the strength that comes from stability.
    • Violet cleanses, brings out the essential, which is pure and true, and destroys and consumes everything else.

    The prism is the 7 colours, the 7 chakras, the 7 forces.

    Colours are life!

    Colored light is, in fact, known to help calm negative moods, bring more joy and optimism, and regulate emotions.

    Where to hang your Seal of Solomon Suncatcher?

    So that you enjoy all the benefits and potential of your suncatcher, the easiest way is to place it near a window facing the sun, or on a veranda, balcony, or terrace.

    The brightness and the rays of the sun will be captured and diffused on the surrounding walls, in an explosion of pretty halos of colours.

    But you can also place it at the front door, or even outside on your patio, on a tree branch, where it will work!

    Seal of Solomon, love and protection

    The six-pointed star, or hexagram, is a very ancient symbol sometimes referred to as the Seal of Solomon.

    King Solomon would have worn a hexagram as an energy shield, hence the name given since that time to this powerful tool of protection.

    Since ancient times, the hexagram has been found everywhere in the East, in Phenicia, in Armenia where it is the Wheel of Eternity, in India where it is traditionally the symbol of Shiva / Shakti, of harmony and of the chakra of heart.

    The hexagram is also a symbol of balance with the two interlocking triangles of matter and spirit.

    And it is also a two-dimensional representation of the Merkabah, the tetrahedral star.

    Put a hexagram in one's house

    Bringing a hexagram into your home, office, office, will protect all the better if you have established a psychic connection with this symbol. It is the interaction you create with him that becomes a great help, and not the other way around.

    If you look at your suncatcher for a few moments, you can also visualise a luminous hexagram at the level of your heart, to strengthen balance, promote peace and develop unconditional love. If you activate this symbol internally, then you allow the symbol to take on its full dimension.


    Crystal, metal, natural stones
    Total height: 35 cm (14 cm without the chain)
    Hexagram height: 6 cm
    2 cm crystal ball

    The coloured K9 crystal used is a type of crystal specially employed for its superior optical properties, strength and durability: it is much lighter and less brittle than conventional crystal, which makes it ideal for everyday use, even outside.

    The suncatcher is delivered in a beautiful box.


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    Tree of Life
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