Tree of Life cotton pouch

Tree of Life cotton pouch

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Protect, cleanse and recharge the stones

If you are interested in lithotherapy, you certainly have a collection of stones that is growing little by little. And if you take them with you every day, to take advantage of their energies and benefits, it is important to protect them well so as not to damage them.

Then this bag is made for you!

You can slip in your precious stones, tumbled stones, pebbles or other marvels and take your Tree of Life pouch everywhere with you.

And if you decide to use your pouch to store your stones, there are a few important things to consider.

When you only want to arrange and store your stones, it is best to arrange them by color, so that their respective energies do not interfere with each other. An exchange of energy takes place between stones of the same color and this reinforces their effects.

There are also certain stones such as amethyst, labradorite, rose quartz or moonstone that do not support exposure to the sun. If you expose them to the sun, they may lose their color and their benefits.

The big plus of this pouch is that you can put your stones on it in order to clean them and recharge them at the end of the day, for example. No more worrying about the next full moon or the method of purification and recharging which varies according to each stone.

Store your tarots and oracles

If you use tarots or oracles regularly, you know that it is a precious object, a personal object that you do not want to put in the hands of everyone.

And maybe you don't like leaving your cards in their original box like many people.

Then this pouch will be perfect for your oracle or your tarot deck. You can also slip in various objects that will reinforce the energy rate of your cards and the link you have with them (this can be a personal object or an esoteric symbol such as a Pentacle of Protection).

By placing your cards on the Flower of Life sleeve, you will intensify the connection with your cards and this will make your work more precise.

What does the Tree of Life represent ?

The tree of life is a universal and timeless sacred symbol. It symbolises the force of life and its origins, the totality of the worlds, the whole cosmos.

Symbol of harmony and balance, strength and growth, rebirth, it is linked to life but also to wisdom. It indicates the path to mastery of thought and opens the path to the past (the roots), the present (the trunk) and the future (the branches).

From a symbolic point of view, man is similar to a tree. He is the creative man because he unites heaven and earth. He invites you to take charge of your life.

By focusing on the tree of life in you and making it alive in all of your activities, you put order and allow the great cycle of evolution to act to transform everything.

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Characteristics :

Lined pouch with embroidered Tree of Life symbol. Drawstring to close the pocket.
Dimensions: 18 x 13cm
Material: cotton

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18 cm
13 cm
Tree of Life

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