Expression of the movement of Life, the mandala exist in all traditions of the world.

Universal symbol, it represents the totality, the infinite and the universe. We carry the universe in us just like the universe carries us in it. It shows us that all is interconnected in oneself and in the universe.

“Mandala” is a Sanskrit word that, like the universe, is reminiscent of the sphere. This is why it is represented as a circle, the circle being primarily a symbol of life.

Through the ages, mandalas were used to release their creative energy and allow you to focus on positive thoughts. They were designed to structure and harmonize the inner life.
Each mandala vibrates on its own frequency and releases specific energies such as equilibrium, harmony, openness of heart, joy, energy, healing, creativity, or peace… Feng Shui element, the mandala brings equilibrium and harmony in your home or in any place you choose to place it.

Place mandalas in your house, your workspace, offer them, and when you contemplate them, let yourself be immersed by them, let yourself be guided by the movement of your heart! And because the mandala is before all an experience to live through, Mandala Shop online has selected incredibly beautiful works of art especially for you.
Our Mandalas are exceptional. Inspired by the Wisdom of Nature, they were designed for our modern era according to sacred geometry and wavelenght forms. There is a creative force and an unlimited source of inspiration in each mandala. Each one corresponds to a virtue, a positive influence, to which one can relate and with which one can work.

By their colours, their forms, they have the power to rebalance the energies. They will help you in your daily life thanks to their energizing and harmonizing power.

The Flower of Life is a very old symbol. It is a sacred geometric figure, a mandala, represented by several circles that overlap and intersect. The symbol of the Flower of Life is considered to be sacred through many traditions around the world. Inside this symbol we find all the constructions of the universe. Its shape brings harmony and balance. The Flower of Life helps to increase your vibratory level and amplifies your creative power. The Flower of Life articles are a 100% Mandalashop creation.

Then, through this new collection, let yourself be carried by their beauty, their purity and their depth. By their lively colours, the subtlety of their layout, the harmony of their forms, these artworks will delight all those who are looking for love, life and beauty.

Everything is energy

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