Hello and thank you for joining this space reserved for professionals.

I'll just ask you to take the time to read our terms to the end ☺

Why we created this space

For 2 main reasons:
1) To allow you to place your orders with more flexibility. You can now place your orders 24 hours a day.
2) By avoiding certain administrative tasks, you allow us to concentrate on our development, the creation and manufacture of the articles as well as the management of the orders.

Why choosing us ?

Mandalashop is more than 800 products online and more than 400 printable mandalas or vibratory symbols, so a huge range of products for a maximum of choice: items to energise water, items for the office or home, items to meditate and do yourself good, decoration.

It is also a family business, ethical, and an expertise acquired in the printing of products, offering you flexibility and the guarantee of impeccable quality.

We are at your disposal in order to better understand your needs and we ourselves develop our own symbols or those that best meet the needs of your customers.

As professionals, you benefit from a reseller price list. This is communicated to you

Our offer

To access the interactive catalogue (not downloadable), click here:

Consider saving the link in your search browser.

Collaboration mode

By placing an order on our online store, you agree to respect our collaboration charter.

The partner undertakes not to market Uniworld's articles at a price lower than the recommended retail price in the price list sent to you.

Intellectual property rights

All texts, comments, illustrations, brands and images reproduced on the MandalaShop online website are protected by copyright, trademark law, patent law and image rights as well as under intellectual property and for the whole world. They are the full and entire property of UNIWORLD or its partners.
Any representation, reproduction, in whole or in part, constitutes an infringement involving the civil or criminal liability of its author.

As such, any total or partial reproduction of the MandalaShop online website (such as the reproduction of images) is strictly prohibited without prior agreement.

Use of texts and visuals for your online store

If you wish to put our articles on your online store, please make the request in writing and I will send you the visuals.

On the other hand I will ask you not to copy / paste the texts which appear on mandalashop-online.com. You can take inspiration from them, but not reproduce them as they are. There is no problem with the texts written on the packaging, you can copy them.

How the pro area works

By logging into your professional account you have access:
• To a dedicated menu (that is to say that some items are not offered to you because they do not allow you to free up enough margin)
• To the reseller prices.
• To our blog (info on symbols and how to use them)

Resellers' menu

In the main menu:
• On the resellers tab: you have access to all the articles by category (I have included the categories from the pdf price list)
• And then you can select your items by symbols (“Flower of Life” and “Other symbols” tab). With the exception of Mandala items which you can find directly from the "resellers" tab


If you want to order items that are not available to resellers, please proceed as follows:

  1. Prepare your basket
  2. Contact me so that I manually add the desired items
  3. Finalise your order and proceed to payment

Please note: as we use the same platform as for our private customers, certain offers are offered to you in your basket (for example an offer on ebooks). Please disregard it.

Likewise, the "reduction coupons" works with the accumulation of points for each purchase, the "sponsorship" or the reduction coupon for subscribing to the newsletter are reserved for individuals.

Prices :

Prices of the articles are expressed in prices excluding taxes.
For some items there is a sliding scale price. Please refer to the pdf price list while waiting to find a suitable solution / module for the online store.

If you modify quantities from your cart, just think about refreshing the page since it's not done automatically.

Minimum order :

No minimum order. You can therefore test our products in complete safety.

Participation in shipping costs:

For France

For any order <350 € HT, flat rate of 13 € HT.
Orders are shipped by Colissimo La Poste.

Free of charge from 350 € HT onward.

We will continue to send items to compensate the shipping cost.

Payment methods :

Always in this concern for optimisation, the authorized payments are the credit card and the transfer.
Orders will be shipped upon receipt of your payment.

Bank details:

Beneficiary: Sarl UNIWORLD
Name and address of the bank to be credited:
Bank details:
RIB: 10096 18069 00080123501 06
IBAN: FR76 1009 6180 6900 0801 2350 106


In general, your orders are processed upon receipt and are shipped the next day or within 48 hours (except in the case of large orders and specific developments).


Orders with specific developments and items that are not listed in the online store. The objective being for us to limit these exceptions, we will integrate the newly developed articles as we go.

If in doubt, call me.

To join us :

If you have any questions or if you notice any malfunctions, please contact me.

By mail: v.legal@mandalashop-online.com
By phone: +33 (0) 660.958.447