Green Tree of Life canvas
    • Green Tree of Life canvas
    • Green Tree of Life canvas
    • Green Tree of Life canvas

    Green Tree of Life canvas

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    Tree of Life canvas

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    "It looks like it’s alive! “ is the comment that comes up most often about our vibratory canvases.

    For sure, an energetic canvas, a vibrational canvas speaks to your body, to your whole being. When it resonates with you, it can arouse emotions, unexpected reactions. It's really an interconnection that is created between her and you, it's magic, it's real. This means that it is the symbol that corresponds to you.

    Decorative Tree of Life frame for the whole family

    Our canvases are often acclaimed by therapists to bring a specific energy to their practice or workspace. They are incredible tools that contribute to the awakening of your full potential. They allow you to reconnect with yourself.

    Each symbol, each vibrational canvas, emits a vibration that accompanies you on a daily basis. The web diffuses positive energies that do you good and contribute to your personal development.

    The canvas is ideal for practicing meditation and harmonizing energies in your home or workspace.

    Where should you place your multicolored Tree of Life wall decoration?

    The Tree of Life painting has become a must in interior decoration. Symbol of balance and softness, you can place it in your living room as well as in your bedroom where it will accompany you for sleep.

    You don't have to live in a huge house to create a space dedicated to relaxation in your home.

    It is already cozy and comfortable, so the living room can be a no-brainer to create a zen space with your Tree of Life wall decoration.

    You can choose a quiet corner of the living room dedicated only to Zen. Designate the space for the rest of the room with a coffee table, floor cushions, pillows or a colorful rug. Surround yourself with houseplants and add candles and books to your table with an essential oil spray to really set the mood. It's a great place to come and meditate in front of the Tree of Life or keep a journal before starting your day.

    You can apply the principles of Zen style decor to enhance almost any room. Any area of your home can benefit from a Zen theme. Focus on organic details that recall nature and the great outdoors. Zen decor is all about celebrating the harmony between you and the natural world.

    Designate a space in your home for meditation and reflection. Hang a wall decoration that makes sense.

    Your wall decoration will also have its place in your workspace and you can recharge your batteries by looking at it.

    If you are a wellness therapist, the Tree of Life will be a perfect wall decoration for your yoga or other classes. it will create an atmosphere conducive to rest and relaxation.

    What is the Tree of Life?

    The tree of life is a universal and timeless sacred symbol. It symbolizes the force of life and its origins, the totality of the worlds, the entire cosmos.

    Symbol of harmony and balance, strength and growth, rebirth, it is linked to life but also to wisdom. It indicates the way to the mastery of thought and opens the way to the past (the roots), the present (the trunk) and the future (the branches).

    From a symbolic point of view, man is identical to a tree. He is the creative man because he unites heaven and earth. He invites you to take charge of your life.

    By focusing on the tree of life within you and bringing it alive in all your activities, you bring order and allow the great cycle of evolution to work to transform everything.

    Colorful Tree of Life Canvas Print

    Each canvas is printed to order by us. We do not stock these items so we print them especially for you. It is also the guarantee of an irreproachable quality.

    The Tree of Life wall decoration is printed on a superior quality 380g canvas (polycotton), mounted on a frame (FSC wood). Satin look. Crocodile hook.

    Ready to hang in your home! From €24.90.
    20x20cm: €24.90 - 30x30cm: €39.90 - 50x50cm: €79.90 - 80x80cm: €179.90

    An alternative: the wooden Tree of Life

    If you are looking for a smaller Tree of Life, we advise you to go for the wooden energizing tray with the Tree of Life. This magnificent lacquered tray hangs perfectly on the walls thanks to its notches on the back. It can also be placed on a low piece of furniture to create a sacred or ritual space.

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