Meditating Buddha Canvas
    • Meditating Buddha Canvas
    • Meditating Buddha Canvas

    Meditating Buddha Canvas

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    "Meditating Buddha" printed canvas on frame
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    The “Meditating Buddha” canvas print captures the very essence of tranquility and serenity. The striking visual features the Buddha seated in meditation, enveloped in orange-yellow hues that evoke the warmth of the setting sun. Butterflies flutter around him, symbolizing the lightness of the spirit and inner transformation. This work of art brings a calming and inspiring ambiance to any living space.

    “Meditating Buddha” is a work designed to uplift the soul and calm the mind. Whether to create an environment conducive to meditation or to add a touch of spirituality to your interior decoration, this magnificent canvas will captivate and inspire those who contemplate it.

    Symbolic meaning

    The canvas “Meditating Buddha” is much more than a simple artistic representation; it carries within itself a deep symbolic meaning, inviting contemplation and reflection on the inner journey:

    • Buddha in meditation: The central figure of the Buddha, seated in meditation, embodies tranquility, wisdom and compassion. Its calm and focused posture inspires one to seek inner balance and peace of mind through meditative practice.

    • Orange-yellow hues: The warm orange-yellow hues that envelop the Buddha evoke the light of the setting sun, creating a warm and comforting atmosphere. This color palette symbolizes mental clarity, vitality and inner joy.

    • Butterflies: The butterflies that flutter around the Buddha symbolize transformation and renewal. Their presence evokes the metamorphosis of the soul, inviting acceptance of change and personal fulfillment through spiritual growth.

    • Lightness of spirit: The image of butterflies in motion suggests a feeling of lightness and freedom of spirit. It reminds us of the importance of letting go, freeing ourselves from material concerns and finding tranquility in the present moment.

    • Meditation and introspection: “Meditating Buddha” invites the practice of meditation and introspection. The presence of the Buddha in meditative posture reminds us that inner peace and true self-realization can be found through silent contemplation and deep connection with our inner being.

    In summary, "Meditating Buddha" is a canvas full of symbolism, offering an invitation to the search for inner peace and spiritual awakening. It evokes the beauty of meditation, the transformation of the soul and the lightness of the spirit, bringing a dimension of serenity and inspiration to any space where it is displayed.

    Use :

    • Wall decoration: Perfect for creating an atmosphere of calm and serenity in your living room, bedroom, or any other living space.
    • Inspiring gift: Give this canvas to your loved ones to convey to them a message of tranquility and spiritual elevation.
    • Meditation Corner: Ideal for spaces dedicated to the practice of meditation, yoga or relaxation, providing an inspiring focal point for your spiritual practice.

    Transform your living space into a haven of peace and serenity with the “Meditating Buddha” printed canvas.


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    Top quality 380g canvas (polycotton), mounted on a frame (FSC wood). Satin appearance. Crocodile hook.

    Print quality: Realistic rendering that highlights the fine details and depth of colours, adding an exceptional dimension to your interior decoration.


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