Seal of the 7 Archangels canvas
    • Seal of the 7 Archangels canvas

    Seal of the 7 Archangels canvas

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    Seal of the 7 Archangels canvas
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    "It looks like it’s alive! “ is the comment that comes up most often about our vibratory canvases when you meet us in wellness exhibitions.

    For sure, an energetic canvas, a vibratory canvas speaks to your body, to your whole being. When it comes into resonance with you, it can arouse emotions, unexpected reactions. It is really an interconnection between it and you, it's magic, it's real. That means that it is the mandala or the symbol that suits you.

    Positive energies to recover your full potential

    Our canvases are often acclaimed by therapists to bring a specific energy into their office or work space. These are incredible tools that help awaken your full potential. They allow you to reconnect with yourself.
    Each mandala, each vibratory canvas, emits a vibration that accompanies you on a daily basis. The canvas spreads positive energies that make you feel good and contribute to your personal growth.

    The canvas is ideal for practicing meditation and harmonising energies in your home or workspace.

    What is the Seal of the 7 Archangels ?

    The Seal of the 7 Archangels is built on the model of a heptagram.

    The heptagram represents the seven days of creation and has become a symbol for warding off evil. In alchemical symbolism, a seven-pointed star generally represents the seven planets of the solar system which were the only ones known to ancient alchemists.

    The Seal of the 7 Archangels is a powerful esoteric symbol that combines different symbols: the Archangels, the Olympian spirits, and the influences of the planetary stars. Like all sacred geometry symbols, it is a real tool of transformation.

    This seal is especially used as a protective talisman for your home. It will transform the negative energies of your space to make it a more zen and healthier place where you will feel good.



    Canvas (polycotton) 380g of high quality, mounted on frame (FSC wood). Satin look. Crocodile hook.Ready to be hooked at home!

    20x20cm: 24,90€ - 30x30cm: 39,90€ - 50x50cm: 79,90€ - 80x80cm: 179,90€
    Every canva is printed by us.

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    Seal of the 7 Archangels

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