Tree of Life (white background) candle holder
    • Tree of Life (white background) candle holder
    • Tree of Life (white background) candle holder

    Tree of Life (white background) candle holder

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    Candle holder - Tree of Life (with white background)


    Most often when the evening comes we feel the need to rest after a hectic day.

    What's more natural than putting all the conditions on our side to create a beautiful atmosphere in our home?

    Imagine, you sit on your couch after lighting your candle and have gently placed it in your candle holder. You turn off the other lamps around you.

    A warm atmosphere then settles. The mandala will radiate its beautiful energy in your space, like a cocoon.

    Play with soft, natural light

    For an entirely relaxing space, replace harsh fluorescent lights with soothing, nature-inspired lights or candles. Place different light sources that will allow you to control the intensity and the areas to be illuminated. Avoid projecting strong direct light from the ceiling and take advantage of all the possibilities to mix floor lamp, set of lamps and indirect light.

    For the bed corner, if you like diffused light, you can opt for pretty candles placed in the heart of your candle holder.

    Opt for natural colours

    A Zen-inspired design is based on natural colours, in soft tones, such as white, shades of beige or pinkish beige, which have the power to induce a feeling of relaxation and calm.

    The soft and warm colours of your tealight holder with the symbol of the Tree of Life will help create a zen cocoon in your home.

    The benefits of Zen

    The Japanese have always understood the importance of creating a peaceful home to help its inhabitants feel happy and nurtured. And now is the perfect time to implement their approach.

    Zen is tailor-made for our stressful world. There is something about the simplicity and serenity of a home designed according to Japanese principles that makes us breathe deeper and let our shoulders sink a little lower.

    From a school of Buddhism that dates back thousands of years, Zen came to Japan from China and elevates simplicity to an art, making the home as much a space for meditation as a center of life. And it doesn't just look good; research shows that Zen can improve our health and vitality, increasing happiness, energy, concentration and even problem solving.

    Zen is the perfect tool for modern life. It works with your body, mind, and energy to create more well-being, vitality, and awareness.

    What does the Tree of Life represent ?

    The tree of life is a universal and timeless sacred symbol. It symbolises the force of life and its origins, the totality of the worlds, the whole cosmos.

    Symbol of harmony and balance, strength and growth, rebirth, it is linked to life but also to wisdom. It indicates the path to mastery of thought and opens the path to the past (the roots), the present (the trunk) and the future (the branches).

    From a symbolic point of view, man is similar to a tree. He is the creative man because he unites heaven and earth. He invites you to take charge of your life.

    By focusing on the tree of life in you and making it alive in all of your activities, you put order and allow the great cycle of evolution to act to transform everything.

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    Tree of Life
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    • ico_user.png Veronique R. flag-fr.png
      Published Mar 05, 2023 at 02:07 pm (Order date: Feb 24, 2023)

      I ordered 2 for my sons so gifts not yet offered (Translated review)

    • ico_user.png Aurélie G. flag-fr.png
      Published Oct 28, 2021 at 01:30 pm

      The candle jar was given to a friend and it is a very nice gift! (Translated review)

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