Triple moon Goddess candle holder
    • Triple moon Goddess candle holder
    • Triple moon Goddess candle holder

    Triple moon Goddess candle holder

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    Triple moon Goddess candle holder


    Most often when the evening comes we feel the need to rest after a hectic day.

    What's more natural than putting all the conditions on our side to create a beautiful atmosphere in our home?

    Imagine, you sit on your couch after lighting your candle and have gently placed it in your candle holder. You turn off the other lamps around you.

    A warm atmosphere then settles. The Flower of Life will radiate its beautiful energy in your space, like a cocoon.

    The benefits of sacred symbols

    All our symbols are a source of inspiration for focusing on positive energies. In each symbol, the sacred geometry associated with the benefits of chromotherapy will help you in your daily life thanks to its natural radiance of positive energies.

    About the Triple moon

    Also known as the Triple Goddess symbol, the Triple Moon symbol depicts a full moon with a crescent moon on the left and a crescent moon on the right.

    This powerful symbol is used today by people practicing for example paganism, neopaganism and Wicca.

    Using the Triple Moon symbol can be a powerful reminder throughout the day of your connection to the divine feminine and all that she represents. Using the symbol on your altar or in a sacred space can help to call upon this same energy.


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    Triple Moon
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